Quail Creek Course

The Utah Water Ski Clubs course on Quail Creek in Hurricane Utah. It is a floating EZ-Slalom heavy duty course with 55 meter pre-gates and a stainless steel mainline.  Casey Humphery's (801) 814-9524 & Mindi Humphery's (801) 916-8650 are the Utah Water Ski Club members that live in the St George area who made this a reality! If you have questions about the course please call/text Casey or Mindi. Happy Skiing!

Click HERE for the Quail Creek general forecast from the National Weather Service.

Click HERE for the Quail Creek hour-by-hour forecast from the National Weather Service. (Good for temperatures, okay for wind more than 15 hours out)

Click HERE for the Quail Creek current/past weather.

For the best hourly wind forecasts up to 15 hours out download the free WindAlert app from the app store. Open the app and select the closest station to where you want a forecast, with the drop down arrow select the WA_HRRR forecast which updates every hour. Will look like the below forecast for White Reef (just north of Quail Creek) updates four times a day rather than every hour like the app.

For more information about Quail Creek State Park click HERE.
For the current water temperature at Quail Creek click HERE.

For the EZ-Slalom buoy arm construction details click HERE.

Click HERE for a copy of the Special Use Permit issued to the Utah Water Ski Club for the course on Quail Creek.

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