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2015 Utah State Championships

Bear Hollow Lakes
Josh Nelson took 1st in boys 2 with 5 @ 32 mph.
Tylor Nelson 1st in boys 3 with 2 @ 22', 36 mph.
Ryan Christopher took 1st in men's 2 with 0.5 @ 32', 36 mph.
Tim Peterson took 2nd in men's 3 with 2 @ 38', 34 mph.
John Lohner took 4th in men's 5 with 1.5 @ 35', 34 mph.
Keith Morgan took 1st in men's 7 with 3 @ 35', 32 mph.

2014 Goode Utah State Championships

Another great year at the Utah State Championships which were held at Calls Fort. Congratulations to Utah Water Ski Club members Keith Morgan, John Lohner (not pictured) Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, John/Dana/Shaela/ Adams, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Matt Chipman and Tim Peterson. A few personal bests were achieved including 2 @ 38' for Tim!

2013 Goode Utah State Championships

Club members included Keith Morgan, Carolyn Daily, Garn Arnold, John/Dana/Shaela Adams, Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, Matt Chipman, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Garret Smith, and Tim Peterson.

2012 GOODE Utah State Championships
Club members included Keith Morgan, John Lohner, Vickie Smoot, John/Dana/Shaela Adams, Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, Scot/Matt Chipman, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Darin Mercer, and Tim Peterson.

 Video of Shaela Adams at the 2012 Utah State Championships.

Picture of Scot Chipman rounding 3 ball at 35' in the 2012 Utah State Championships.

A few videos from the July 4th 2011 Sunten tournament.
Tim Peterson - Mens 2
Shaela Adams - Girls 2
John Adams - Mens 3

Garn Arnold on his 5th place run!

Sherry Arnold on her 2nd place Novice run!

Keith Morgan on his 1st place run!

Scot Chipman, Mat Chipman, and Mike Nelson

Kelly Chipman and Dana Adams!!

Sherry and Lydia Arnold in the Novice Divison!
Keith getting his 1st place metal from Dave Goode!

Scot Chipman:

Click here for video of Scot Chipman running 7 buoys at 38' off back when the club had a 8 buoy course set up on course #3!

Click here for a link to a 2007 Salt Lake tribune new article about the club and skiing.

Keith Morgan who started the club in 1976.