Friday, May 24, 2019

Thanks to those who came to the Adopt-a-park clean up last Saturday!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Adopt-A-Park cleanup on May 18th

We are excited to have the water in Utah Lake rising rapidly! It is already up to very close to 2 feet below compromise ( which means that course #3 is deep enough to use. Nate Allen spent some time getting the boat guides set up and verifying that the anchors for all of the turn buoys are still there. Thanks, Nate! There's still a little work to do to replace 4 of the turn buoys, though. You can view the directions for how to find course #3 here: 
If you would like to see a live feed of what the Provo Harbor looks like, you can view the link here: If you look closely, you may still see the dock for course #4 in the outer bay. It is awaiting repairs to its awning framework. It broke free of its two anchors over the winter but wasn't able to escape too far before it was rescued. Many thanks to those who spent several hours of their Saturday a few weeks back to reclaim it!
Finally, we have our Utah State Park clean-up day in just a couple of Saturdays, on May 18th, from 10am to noon. Lunch will be provided at noon! Each club member is expected to spend some time each year doing service at one of our Utah State Parks, preferably at Utah Lake. If you are not able to come to this event, you can show up at another time and ask if there's something you can do as a volunteer. Please don't ignore this important responsibility. We'd love to see those who can come on May 18th, although we know schedules are busy this time of year. The Park has some specific projects for us this year, so we won't have to spend all of our time picking up garbage! Finally, if you can come, please respond to the survey on our Facebook Page to let us know: