Friday, May 25, 2018

May News

- Utah Lake State Park is now open with extended ramps and a dredged harbor. Live cam is back up and running at this link
- Course #3 is all set up, course #4 still needs some work pulling up buoys and installing extensions since it is so deep. Course #3 is skiable until the water level drops to -3.00, current lake level is right near -2.50 which can be found at For those new members there is a link on that has driving directions to course #3 by boat which is just south of the main entrance into Provo Bay, course #4 is right in the entrance to Provo Bay.
- Thanks to Paul Hillyard, Don Trop, Scot Chipman, Ryan Christopher, Tom Larsen, Scotty Davis, Dave Groesbeck, Abby Zimmerann, RoquesAnn Fillerup, Rob Davidson, David Posey, Don Harline, Martin Moreno, Nate Allen and Garn Arnold for coming out to the successful buoy and course set-up instruction and lunch on the 19th.
- Live Utah Lake water quality data including water temperature at this link

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Buoy and course set-up instruction - lunch

UWSC Members,

The club is not doing a spring Adopt-a-Park service project this year but instead will give on water instruction this Saturday on how to set up and install buoys out at course #3 and #4. Lunch will be provided out at the course #4 dock at noon. 

The plan it to meet at either Lincoln Beach Marina (preferred) or Lindon Marina at 9:30am since Utah Lake State Park in Provo is closed until Memorial Day weekend. If you plan to attend click on and fill in your name below which Marina you can meet at and how many in your group will be eating lunch. Those that can bring their boats please comment with how many more you can fit in your boat and how late you can stay out at the course. The club will pay for boat gas for those that can bring their boats and will reimburse any marina entrance fee you have to pay if you don't have a pass.

This will be a hands on and in the water instruction on how to set up and install course buoys so bring your wet/dry suits.

Kind regards,

UWSC Board

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