Saturday, July 29, 2017

July News

- After a few months of good skiing on course #3 the water is now too shallow...will be skiing course #4 for the rest of the year.

- Reminder that all UWSC members can demo HO skis for FREE at Taylor's Boats, yes for FREE with your membership card. 

- All UWSC members (including family members) can once again ski for free in the Utah State Championships which will be held on August 19th at Calls Fort, in order to ski for free you need to enter before the August 8th deadline. To enter click HERE then on enter on the top left, when you get to the payment information you can stop. To see the list of the remaining tournaments in Utah this summer including the first ever sanctioned tournament at Still Water Lake Estates click HERE.

- Good News, the Utah Water Ski Club has been awarded a Special Use Lease on Utah Lake for 10 years! This is a big deal and something the board has worked on all year. The club now has exclusive rights to set up and maintain two slalom courses on Utah Lake in two of our four locations. This Special Use Lease was posted in the news paper for three weeks and was open to anyone to bid on, the Utah Water Ski Club had the winning bid.

- The fall Adopt-a-Park service project will be held on September 16th for those that were not able to attend in the spring. Reminder that all club members are required to attend one of the two service projects or go down on your own for one hour, more details about the spring/fall Adopt-a-Park service project at