Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dock move

Our second dock is now in the water and located at the East end of course #3.  After a flatbed tow-truck ride from the marina storage site and a 2+ hour boat ride dragging it to the course in two pieces,  the awning is up and anchors are in.  Tim could be found giving directions from and napping in the hammock on the long ride out.
Nice work Tim Peterson, Tom Larson, Garn Arnold, Hank Cobb and John Adams.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June News

The dock did not get moved to course #3 on the Adopt-a-Park service project day last month, the new plan is to move it this Saturday starting at 7am. The club is looking for help and two boats to pull the dock out to course #3. If anyone can help on June 3rd please contact Tim Peterson by text/phone (801) 652-0089. This will count towards your Adopt-a-Park service project!

Thanks to the official 22 members (John Adams, Greg Anderson, Rick Anderson, Garn Arnold, Lewis Barton, Victor Blanton, Matt Broten, Heather Burchett, Kelly Chipman, Matt Chipman, Hank Cobb, Wayne Douglass, Keith Hanson, Bruce Harpor, Natalie Hemmert, Tom Larsen, Tim Peterson, Olga Sorensen, Troy St Jeor, Jane Stewart, Ben Thompson, and Melissa Velinga) who came out to the Adopt-a-Park service project/activity last month along with additional family members. Reminder that all members are required to attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service project every year or go down on your own. The board realizes that not everyone can attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park projects, if that is you go down on your own and ask a park ranger what you can do. When finished fill out page 4 of the volunteer sheet and email a picture to and give the hard copy to the state park. The fall Adopt-a-Park service project is on September 16th.

When driving to course #3 please come in from the shorter west end if possible rather than going into Provo Bay then looping back so you don't send rollers into the course or cut the reeds/bullrush between course #3 and #4. Go to for driving directions to course #3. Tim Peterson and Scot Chipman have both walked the shorter west entrance into course #3 when it was dry last fall and there is nothing unusual to hit with your boat and it is as deep as the west end of course #3.

Reminder that when you arrive at the course you need to make sure all buoys are in place and properly adjusted BEFORE you ski and make sure everything is still in place when you leave. If you need a key (same key for 10+ years now) to the club dock box email/call/text Garn Arnold (801) 362-6064 and he will send you one. More information about club maintenance/buoys including pictures at The board is working on a short YouTube video about how to install and adjust buoys that will be posted on the club we page once finished. 

Happy Skiing on course #3!

UWSC Board

P.S. The Utah Lake festival is going on this Saturday as well. More information at