Monday, May 15, 2017


The semiannual (third Saturday in May/Sept) Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park service project/activity will be held Saturday May 20th from 10 am to noon, lunch at noon. In addition to picking up trash we will be clearing brush and other debris from the Provo river bank, bring gloves and shears if you have them. The club also plans to load the clubs second dock located in dry storage onto a trailer then launch it and pull it out to course #3. If you have a flat bed trailer the club can use on Saturday please call/text Tim Peterson at (801) 652-0089. 

Reminder that all members are required to attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service project every year. The board realizes that not everyone can attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park projects, if that is you go down on your own and ask a park ranger what you can do. When finished fill out a volunteer sheet and email a picture to and give the hard copy to the state park.

Course #4b is up but going under water fast with the rising water, course #3 is almost up thanks to Tim Peterson and Dan Johnson. The club is looking for members to help finish installing course #3 and move course #4b to #4a. If you can help with course work call/text Tim Peterson at (801) 652-0089.

When driving to course #3 please come in from the shorter west end if possible rather than going into Provo Bay then looping back so you don't send rollers into the course or cut the reeds/bullrush between course #3 and #4. Go to for driving directions to course #3. Tim Peterson and Scot Chipman have both walked the shorter west entrance into course #3 when it was dry last fall and there is nothing unusual to hit with your boat and it is as deep as the west end of course #3.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May News

Welcome our three new members Lewis Barton, Ben Thomson, and Nick Greenwood into the club! The latest member and wait lists can always be found on the right side near the top of every page.

Utah Paddle Boards (and gas) has been added to the member discount page with a 15% discount, must present your member card. Utah Paddle boards is the vendor at Utah Lake State Park that not only rents paddle boards but rents boats/wave runners and sells gas on the water. The 15% off discount includes gas!

The directions to course #3 are below, the club plans to have course #3 set up by the end of May. When going to course #3 it is best to enter from the west end rather than going into Provo Bay then coming back to the west because: 1) it eliminates the possibility of sending rollers into the course, 2) it allows more bullrush to grow between course #3 and #4 since there are less boat cutting the corner and cutting bullrush with their prop, and 3) when you cut the corner it is actually shallower than entering from the west end. Tim Peterson and Scot Chipman have both walked and driven a truck through the west entry into the course a few times when it was dry last year. There was nothing to hit or fences in the way and it is as deep as course #3 on the west end.

The Adopt-a-Park service project day will be on May 20th from 10am to noon, lunch at noon. Remember is it required of all members to attend either the spring or fall Adopt-a-Park service project. If you can't make either Adopt-a-Park service project you can go down on your own and ask what you can do for one hour. If you go down on your own ask for then fill out the "Volunteer Agreement and Time Record", take a picture of it and email it to then turn in the hard copy to the State Park.

The Free Malibu Response TXi and HO demo day with Will Asher on May 5th at Still Water Lake Estates is full, the May 6th day at Bear Hollow Lakes has the 8:00 and 8:20 spots open. Text/call Scott Ellerbeck (801) 558-1111 if you want one of the last two spots at Bear Hollow Lakes.