Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Board Meeing

- Who dropped out? Joe Congdon, Wade Hollbrook, Scott Reese, and Mike Zufelt. How many are we letting in? Three
- Wait list bid status? Lewis Barton, Ben Thomson, and Scott Hinkley are bidding so far.
- Should we give wait list members keys? Yes to those that ask for one.

Government Affairs:
- Go over new club permit from Forestry, Fire, & State Lands. Status of new permit? Hank is working on it.
- Division of water quality is looking for a steering committee member. Garrett Smith will go.
-Still looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith. Garrett Smith will take over for Mel.

- Install course #3. May do on the Adopt-a-Park day.
- Place second club dock back in the lake and take to course #3. May do on the Adopt-a-Park day.
- Install new course by Pelican Bay? Yes if the new permit allows.
- What additional equipment do we need for 2017? Nothing.
- Make YouTube video of how to replace buoys. Yes, Tim will work on with Garrett.

- Current balance through March 31st. $17,254.02
- Should the club donate to save water skiing gofundme campaign by Jennifer Leachman Lapoint? www.gofundme.com/savewaterskiingnow No, need more details.

Web Site/News:
- Utah Lake State Park will dredge the harbor after Labor Day.
- Add Utah Paddle Board to the discount page. Scot will do.
- Malibu/HO demo days May 5th/6th.
- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project on May 20th. Rick Anderson will do the food, Paul Hilyard will plan with the State Park.
- Who wants to be president next year? Possibly Garn Arnold.

- Set next board meeting in August. August 22nd.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April News

Course #4b is up thanks to Tim Peterson and Dan Johnson who have been skiing for the last month, water temperature has been in the 50's. The water level is going up fast and we should have enough water to set up and ski course #3 by sometime in May, just need to get to -3.00 or higher. For the current Utah lake level click HERE, past and forecasted lake levels click HERE. Reminder that when you ski the club course you need to fix any missing buoys BEFORE you ski and make sure everything is up when you leave. Course supplies are in the dock box, if you need a key email Garn at garnski@yahoo.com and if you see or have problems with the course email Tim Peterson at waterskinude@yahoo.com.

The number 2 and 4 spots on the wait list are now up for bid and they have all been emailed. You are guaranteed to get into the club if you are in one of the top three spots on the wait list since the club lets in three new members each year, with people passing every year at the top of the wait list the #4 spot will very likely get in as well. For more information about how the wait list auction works go to http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/guestswait-list.html

Free Malibu Response TXi and HO demo day with Will Asher on May 5th at Still Water Lake Estates and May 6th and Bear Hollow Lakes. Come see/drive the all new Malibu Response TXi and test the latest HO skis with Will Asher. Yes this is free courtesy of Taylor's Boats, thanks to Still Water Lake Estates and Bear Hollow Lakes for providing the location. To sign up email/text Scott Ellerbeck right now at sledwe@msn.com (801) 558-1111 for available time slots that will go fast.

We had four members drop out of the club this year including Joe Congdon, Wade Hollbrook (owner at Still Water), Scott Rees, and Mike Zufelt (owner at Last Chance).

The next board meeting is April 11th and always posted at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/board-members.html If you have anything for the board to discuss or suggestions in general please reply to this email.