Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Board Meeting

- Send out renewal reminders to the members/wait list, encourage to pay electronically. Garn is on it.
- Order membership cards, order member boat stickers. Scot will do.

Government Affairs:
- Work on getting club access to the launch ramp on the south jetty at Utah Lake State park that launches into Provo river during the dredging project. Hank is working on it.
- New course on Deer Creek. Hank and Paul are still looking into it.
- Should we add a new course location to the "Permission to Place Device on Utah Boating Water" permit and "Right of Entry" permit by Pelican Bay? Yes.
-Still looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year. Possibly Jane Stewart.

- Move course #4b six buoys to the east and install extension. Might not happen since the water will likely be too deep.
- Install new course by Pelican Bay. Garrett Smith will help, others?
- Place second club dock back on course #3. Will do when the water is above -3.00, hopefully by June 1st.
- What equipment do we need for 2017? 12 orange turns balls, 10 red gates. 6 green bullets, 6 dock bungee cords.

- Current balance through December 31st. $14,390.67

Web Site/News:
- Utah Lake State Park will dredge the harbor March-July. Good news, bad news, with limited if any access to the harbor.
- Talk about forecasted lake levels this year. Great news, thinking we are above -3.00 by June 1st which means we can ski course #3 into at least August!
- Set up annual meeting room. Scot will do.
- Order food for the annual meeting. Scot will do.
- HO presenting at the annual meeting.
- Establish a 2017 board. Who wants off? Who wants to be president in 2018? Scott Peterson is stepping down, Garrett Smith has volunteered. No one has volunteered to be President for 2018.
- Make handouts for the annual meeting. Scot will do.
- Set next board meeting in April. April 11th, 7pm at Scot's house in Lehi.