Monday, September 12, 2016

September News

- The semi-annual (third Saturday in May/Sept) service project/activity will be held this Saturday the 17th at the main state park at the south end of Deer Creek, yes DEER CREEK. With the very low water Utah Lake State park is basically closed plus the club is working towards a possible slalom course on Deer Creek so helping them out may go a long way in that effort. We will be starting at 10:30 am doing some trail work ending by noon, may also be picking up trash if needed. Bring work gloves and a shovel/pick if you have one, ask at the gate where to go for the Utah Water Ski Club service project. The club will provide drinks and a snack of some kind. A reminder that it is required that all club members attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service projects every year, would love to see all members at both service projects. The club realizes that not everyone can make the service projects, in those cases you can go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own and ask what you can do for one hour. If you go down on your own fill out page four of the volunteer sheet than scan/take a picture and email it to

So far this year the club has the below 24 people as having attended the Spring service project or gone down on their own so we are planning on a good turnout.
Dana Adams
Greg Anderson
Rick Anderson
Garn Arnold
Vic Blanton
Mont Buckles
Brad Caldwell
Matt Chipman
Scot Chipman
Hank Cobb
Wayne Douglas
Scott Ellerbeck
Paul Garske
Paul Hillyard
Tom Larsen
John Lohner
Tom Mitchell
Tim Peterson
Scott Peterson
Scott Rees
Mel Smith
Vickie Smoot
Olga Sorensen
Jane Stewart

- Course #4b (see below picture) is now too shallow to ski. The club is going to move course #4b 4-6 buoys to the east for future use which puts it in the absolute deepest spot in that area and in slightly better water conditions. Once course #4b is moved we will abandon course #4a/4b and just use the new course which will be called course #4. Tim Peterson is desperately looking for 6-7 people who can help move course #4b on Sunday the 18th which will be a all day project, will count towards your service project. If you can help Tim on Sunday give him a call/text or email at (801) 652-0089

Hoping for a BIG winter!