Monday, August 1, 2016

August News

I'm sure most of you heard about the toxic blue/green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak on Utah Lake that closed it completely down from July 15th-28th, if not you should really read about it at and For a time lapse video from the Utah Water Ski Club cam of when it entered Utah Lake State Park on July 12th check out Link to a KSL article about it Scot/Matt Chipman and Paul Garske witnessed the outbreak firsthand on July 12th and were the ones who notified the State Park which then notified the division of water quality. Looking back it was really only bad between July 12th-14th, was much improved by July 15th when Keith Morgan and John Lohner skied just before they closed the lake down. John Lohner, Keith, Morgan, and Scot Chipman went to the lake today (August 1st) and there was absolutely no sign of any algae, not even the typical green algae that is common this time of year. To be clear the outbreak on July 12th was NOT just the normal green algae you typically see on Utah Lake by mid/late summer but the toxic blue/green type (cyanobacteria) which smells and looks like nothing you have ever smelled and seen before on Utah Lake.

The lake level is down to -6.00 but course #4b is still about four feet deep on the east end and three feet on the west end. By the third week in August the club plans to move course #4b to the east so the entire course will be in the deepest spot (currently four feet deep) and will be skiable until the lake drops to -7.00 if you can get there which is a big IF due to shallow water in the harbor. If you are careful you can use the middle ramp and middle dock on the north side of the harbor and idle out staying about 40' away from the north dike, best to put people in the front of the boat to keep the prop higher. The end of the middle ramp on the north side is marked, be very careful not to back your trailer off of the end of the ramp with is around a 12"+ drop. Best guess is that you MAY be able to get out of the harbor if you are VERY careful until the water drops to -6.40. Once out of the harbor head towards the valley between Mt Nebo and West Mountain (where I-15 runs) and watch the depth gauge, when the depth starts to get deeper that is the time to take a hard left into the entrance of Provo Bay. Once headed towards the entrance into Provo Bay try to line the dock and a distant white/silver roof up until you can see the course then line up with it. If you do this you will be fine until the water drops below -7.00, assuming you can find a way onto the lake. For the current water level go to

Best of luck to those that still try and go out. For the latest information about any algae outbreak and possible closures on Utah Lake go to