Friday, April 22, 2016

April News

- We only had one person (Brad Packer) drop out of the club this year, three new members from the wait list (50 on wait list) will be invited to join the club.
- Radar Demo day on May 6th from 2pm-7:30pm with Chris Rossi at the amazing Still Water Lake Estates. To sign up email
- Buy official Utah Water Ski Club t-shirts through 9pm May 4th at The t-shirts are $20 + $3.99 shipping, they come in four colors and will ship directly to you.
- The first of two Adopt-a-Park service projects this year is on May 21st, 10am-noon at Utah Lake State Park with lunch served at noon. Reminder that all members are required to attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park projects ever year, if you can't make to either you are welcome to go down on your own. If you go down on your own make sure you fill out page four of this Volunteer page and then scan/take a picture and email to
- Course #4a and #4b are both up, with the low water we will be on course #4 all year. * Reminder that when skiing course #4a to veer to the north at the west end when dropping to avoid the sandbar, if you are unsure ski course #4b that is in the middle of the channel.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Radar demo afternoon with Chris Rossi

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to ski on a ski set up by head Radar Skis designer and professional skier Chris Rossi at the amazing skiing Still Water Lake Estates.

From Chris Rossi

I would like to invite the Utah waterski community to come demo and purchase the all new 2016 Radar Vapor on May 6, 2016 at the breathtaking new waterski facility Still Water Lake Estates.  Skiing will start at 2pm and will finish by 7:30.  Sets will be 6 passes in duration taking 15-20 minutes at a cost of $30 (demo fee waived with purchase of new ski).  I will be working with each individual to personally set up their new ski for optimal performance.  Please email me ( so we can discuss which ski and size you would like to demo as we will not have all sizes available for this day.  Radar's highly popular Vector boots will be available to demo if you do not have your own to bring (advance notice required).  We will also accommodate those who wish to demo the Radar Senate line of skis as time permits.  A big thanks to local Radar dealer Marine Products for supplying us with the product for this demo!

The 2016 Radar Vapor has been a huge success so far with skiers of all abilities reaching new heights.  Its the fastest, most stable, most predictable, most technologically advanced design on the market.  Don't waste another summer skiing on your old ski.  Its time to take your skiing to the next level."
-Chris Rossi- 

Here are a few helpful testimonials from other Utah skiers who are skiing on the 2016 Radar Vapor:

"I was able to jump on this ski mid season last summer and was able to post my best scores in 5 years. Starting on this ski in the spring really let me know just how efficient this ski design is, allowing me to ski more passes and with less effort. I love the way the ski turns both "on side" and "off side" along with how wide I am at each buoy."

-Utah Legend Mike Parsons-

"The 2016 Radar Vapor has taken my skiing to a whole new level.  This is one of the fastest, most efficient skis I have ever skied and on top of that, it is very consistent and predictable.  I am able to spend more time working on my hardest pass, which makes skiing so much fun!  Radar really did their homework on this one."
-National Champion and Utah skier Jeff Milford-

I have been skiing Radar skis since 2010.  The 2015 was an amazing upgrade for me from the 2014. I always ask myself how can they improve from this? After getting on the 2016 Vapor late last fall I have stopped asking the question. This ski has less impact on my body and has handed me more buoys including 5@38 off last fall increasing my previous best score by 3 full buoys! Big thanks to everyone at Radar for continuing to raise the bar in the waterski industry.

-Utah skier Mark Chilcutt-

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Board Meeting

- How many wait list members? 50
- How many members dropped out? Just one, Brad Packer
- How many new members are we letting in the club? Three

Government Affairs:
- Looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year.
- New course on Deer Creek? Paul Hillyard and Hank Cobb are working on it.

- Clean up and improve course #1. Scot Chipman is working on getting permission.
- Improve Hinckley ramp? Yes, Scot Chipman will work on.
- Install two missing anchors on course #4a/b. Tim/Scott Peterson will work on.
- Move course #4b six buoys to the east and install extensions, abandon course #4a. Yes.
- Stain/treat dock on course #4. Scott Peterson is working on.

- Current balance through March 31st. $14,503.80.

Web Site/News:
- Radar demo day on May 6th.
- Yuba Lake with Scott Ellerbeck June 3rd-5th.
- Club ski day/activity at Still Water on June 25th
- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project on May 21st. Paul Hillard is organizing, Rick Anderson will bring the food.
- State Park camera has been approved, paid for by the club. Scott Chipman will install in May.
- Club t-shirt style? Small logo on front.

- Set next board meeting in August. August 23rd.