Thursday, February 11, 2016

Annual Meeting

Thanks to the 36 members (around 60 with family) that came out to the meeting tonight.


-Thanks to Greenband Enterprises for this free conference room and $5 boat show tickets.

-Thanks to the 2015 board: President  Scot Chipman, VP Membership  Garn Arnold, VP Treasury  Darin Mercer, VP Web Site/News  Paul Hillyard, VP Equipment  Tim Peterson, Equipment Manager Rick Anderson, and VP Government Affairs Hank Cobb.

-Special thanks to Mel Smith for his work with the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group. These meeting are held 4 times a year, looking for someone new to attend.
-Special thanks to Hank Cobb for his work on the Boating Advisory Council.
-2015 tournament participants:  Keith Morgan, John Lohner, Dan Johnson, Garn Arnold, Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, Scott Peterson, Scot/Matt Chipman, Darin Mercer, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Tim Peterson, and Ryan Christopher.

Government & Regulation Affairs

-Utah State Law

-Utah Lake State Park updates.
-Jordan River - Saratoga/Lehi Boat ramps
-Deer Creek - Wallsburg Bay - S.U.P.


-Income and expense between November 1st 2014 and October 31st 2015. (See below)

-Balance as of October 31st 2015 was $14,888.

Web Site/News

- Still Water Lake Estates ski day June 25th. The Utah Water Ski Club will provide boats, gas, and lunch.
-Adopt-a-Park service projects are the third Saturday in May and September every year. It is required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every year or go down on your own and do some kind of service for an hour. If you go down on your own make sure you fill out a "Volunteer Agreement and Time Record" with the State Park and then e-mail with a copy.
-All members including family members can ski for free in the GOODE Utah State Championships on July 16th, does not include practice on Friday which starts at 3pm. In order to ski for free you will need to sign up on-line before the July 8th deadline.


-When you show up at the course you must replace any missing buoys and lower/raise buoys BEFORE you ski, this is the only fair way for all members to enjoy the course. One job of VP of equipment is to make sure there is equipment at the course ready to install but not to replace missing buys or lower/raise buoys.
- With a normal spring the projected high water level this summer is -3.00 below compromise which means we will be on course #4 all year. If we have a wet spring then we may be on course #3 for a month or so.
-Club has an air chair and portable slalom course for club use, contact VP of Equipment to reserve.


-USA Water Ski membership options: Active membership for $80 or supporting member for $35. If you will be skiing tournaments in 2016 you are required to have ACTIVE membership which provides you secondary personal Injury Insurance of $10,000 when participating in USA Water Ski-sanctioned events.
-Reminder that we are on a public lake and non members can use the course when not being used by members. If possible let non members use the course between member sets if time allows, if no time allows tell them when you will be done.

-Currently 62 members with 49 on the wait list

-A minimum of three new members get into the club each year from the wait list, possibly more depending on who drops out and projected water levels.
-Emeritus memberships are $25 for club members 60+ yrs old and who have been in the club 20+ yrs.

New Board

-Elect new board.


-Radar presentation at 6:30.

-Still Water Lake Estates presentation at 6:45.

November 1st 2014 - October 30th 2015
Renewals 7 free board members (46)       5,640
Emeritus Renewals (5)         123
New members (3)         970
Waiting list (48)         942
Misc (wait list trade income)         112
Total       7,787
Course/dock maintenance       1,416
Adopt-a-Park service projects food         219
Website           16
Board meeting food         107
State permits         250
USA waterski membership         100
Insurance       1,150
Annual club meeting-activity        1,128
Membership cards, stickers, keys         238
Office supplies, stamps           59
Utah State Championships         695
Dock dry storage         105
Misc              -
Total       5,483
Total Income       7,787
Total Expenses       5,483
Difference       2,304
Account Balance     14,888

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February News

The annual Utah Water Ski Club meeting/activity will be held Thursday February 11th at 6pm in room 200D at the South Towne Expo Center in conjunction with the Utah Boat show. All members including family members are invited and will be given free entrance into the boat show (12 and under are FREE), a light meal will be served starting at 6:00 pm. If you would like to go into the boat show before the meeting go to the information desk/will call, they will have the club member list to verify your membership with a valid photo ID. Please reply back to this e-mail by the end of today to let the board know if you are coming or not and how many of your family will be eating so that the board can plan the food. You can also RSVP on the club's facebook page at

To help the club save time and mailing costs please renew ($125) you club membership before the annual meeting so that you can receive you club membership card (card good for discounts) and club sticker for your boat. All of the information on how to renew is posted at The club strongly encourages everyone to renew with PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account) and then just email a scanned copy or picture from your phone of the member renew application agreement (see attached file) to If you have been in the club for 20+ years and are 60+ years old you can renew as a emeritous member for $25.

A reminder that Utah Water Ski Club members are required to be a USA Water Ski supporting ($35) members, members are no longer required to be active ($80) USA Water Ski Club members. If you are going to ski in any USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments in 2016 including the Utah State Championships on July 16th at Sunten which the club pays for or the Regional's/National's in Idaho you will need to be a active USA Water Ski member for insurance reasons.

The club is always looking for volunteers to serve on the clubs board (board members do not pay dues) which only meets four times a year, sometimes only by email. If you would like to serve on the club board in 2016 email

New in 2016 is a free ski day and picnic lunch planned on June 25th at Still Water Lake Estates, more information about this day will be talked about at the annual meeting and then in future emails.