Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Board Meeting

- How many wait list members? 49.
- Order member/wait list cards. Scot Will do. Color? Orange.
- Order club stickers. Scot will do.

Government Affairs:
- Looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year.
- New course on Deer Creek? Hank is working on it.
- Saratoga project. Hank is working on it.

- What equipment do we need to order this year? Tim is working on it.
- Install two missing anchors on course #4a/b.
- Move course #4a two buoys to the east, move course #4b four buoys to the east.

- Current balance through December 31st. $14,106.

Web Site/News:
- Reserve room for annual meeting? Scot will do.
- Order food for the annual meeting? Scot will do.
- Radar skis will be presenting at the annual meeting.
- Start getting 2016 permits from Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands and the State Park. Scot is working on them.
- Who wants to be on/off this board this year. Scott Peterson wants to be on the board, everyone else is willing to stay on if needed.

- Set next board meeting in April. April 5th.

Monday, January 4, 2016

January News

A reminder that Utah Water Ski Club members are required to be a USA Water Ski supporting ($35) members, members are no longer required to be active ($80) USA Water Ski Club members. If you are going to ski in any USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments in 2016 including the Utah State Championships on July 16th at Sunten which the club pays for or the National Championships in Idaho you will need to be a active USA Water Ski member for insurance reasons.

The annual Utah Water Ski Club meeting/activity will once again be held on Thursday February 11th at 6pm in conjunction with the Utah Boat show at the South Towne Expo Center.

To help the club save on mailing costs and time please renew ($125) you club membership before the annual meeting so that you can receive you club membership card (card good for discounts) and club sticker for your boat. All of the information on how to renew is posted at http://www.utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/members.html. The club strongly encourages everyone to renew with PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account) and then just email a scanned copy or picture from your phone of the member renew application agreement to utahwaterskiclub@gmail.com If you have been in the club for 20+ years and are 60+ years old you can renew as a emeritous member for $25.