Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall Adopt-a-Park Service Project

Thanks to the below 9 members that came out today to the Adopt-a-Park service project.

Paul Hillyard
Bruce Harper
Troy Darrington
Doug Meacham
Matt Broten
Joe Congdon
Darin Mercer
Wayne Douglas
Ryan Christopher

Friday, September 11, 2015

September News

The semiannual (third Saturday in May/Sept) Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park service project is Saturday September 19th from 10 am-11 am. We will be picking up trash for one hour, the board is expecting a large turnout due to the low turnout in May. A reminder that all members are required to attend one Adopt-A-Park service project every year. The board does realize that there are circumstances when members can't make one of the two Adopt-a-Park service projects, in those cases the board asks than you go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own and ask what you can do for one hour to help out. If you do go down on your own fill out page four of the "Volunteer Agreement and Time Record" at this link then notify the board by sending a email to with a photo or scanned copy of a filled out page four of the "Volunteer Agreement and Time Record." Please email by the 17th to let the board know if you will be attending the Adopt-a-Park service project, you can also RSVP on the clubs Facebook page by going to

The club is tentatively planning on moving one or both both courses to the east into deeper and normally a little smoother water on Sunday September 13th if we can get 6+ people to help out. A reminder that club members that help move courses/docks will get paid $15 a hour which the board voted to do a few years ago since moving courses/docks is hard work that very few people are willing to do. The plan will be to meet at the harbor at 9 am then travel out to the course working well into the afternoon. If you can help out please contact Tim Peterson (801) 659-0089 If we can't get enough people to help out on Sunday the 13th we will make one last attempt on Saturday the 19th in conjunction with the Adopt-a-Park service project but with the weather expected to turn colder next week we would rather get it done on the 13th in the warmer water. 

The harbor and the MAIN path out is down to about 26" deep but if you get out of the main path you WILL hit the bottom. Most of our ski boats have a draft of around 22" so you are safe if you are very careful. Use the middle ramp on the north side of the harbor and proceed to the southwest corner of the middle dock to pick up and drop off. Currently the end of the ramp is marked with orange buoys, as the water level drops be careful not to back your trailer off of the end of the ramp. Follow the red line in the below map staying about 40-50' away from the north dike/shore, avoid getting too close to the far west ramp area where there are rocks. If you follow this path you should be able to continue to use the lake until the water level drops to -6.00", currently it is at -5.70". It is still risky due to unknown objects/rocks that have been thrown into the lake. Once out of the harbor go towards Mt Nebo and watch your depth gauge decrease as you near the entrance to Provo Bay, once the depth starts to increase again that is when you take a hard left. If done properly the clubs information buoy/course/dock will line up which is the center of the channel. The course itself and around the dock is still plenty deep to ski but gets shallow quickly if you go north/south/east of the course/dock area.

Congratulations to all of the Utah Water Ski Club members who participated in the Utah State Championships at Bear Hollow Lakes last month. Club members included Keith Morgan, John Lohner, Mike/Tylor/Josh Nelson, Matt Chipman, Tim Peterson, and Ryan Christopher. There were 60+ people at this event including pro skier Chris Rossi who ran ran 4 @ 41'. For pictures of the club members that won medals go to or the clubs Facebook page at

Happy Fall Skiing!

UWSC Board

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