Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July News

UWSC Members,

The club is currently still skiing course #4a (see below picture) which is getting very shallow on the west end. Remember when skiing course #4a to veer to the north on the west end to drop, when coming back into the course don't line up with the course until you are almost to the green 55 meter buoys.

The club is tentatively planning to set up course #4b on July 18th. On July 18th we also plan to move course #4a anchors to the east to get out of the shallow water on the west end and we plan to move the dock a little to the north and west into deeper water. The club is looking for about 8 people who can help on July 18th starting sometime around 9am and lasting much of the day. If you can help please contact Tim Peterson (801) 659-0089 waterskinude@yahoo.com.

As the summer goes on make sure you avoid the shallow area in the below picture.

All members can ski for free in the Utah State Championships on August 29th at the amazing http://www.bearhollowlakes.com To enter go to http://sanctions15.dataweb.com/default.view?_mode=details&TournAppID=16W057 and go through the on-line registration process all the way up until the payment information then you can stop. You must enter on-line by August 8th to ski for free, no exceptions! You have to be either a active USA Water Ski member to enter this tournament or pay the one day fee which is something like $20 which the club will not cover. This will be a very fun tournament with medals awarded for all divisions, most people walk away with medals.

There will also be a fun tournament/open house (not sanctioned) on August 15th at http://www.stillwaterlakes.info More information about this tournament/open house can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Still-Water-Lake-Estates/693482517438721?fref=nf as the day gets closer.

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board