Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shallow water in 2015!

A reminder that when the water is low like this year that you will want to follow the below directions (pic from 2004 when water level was -7.00) to course #4a/b to avoid a shallow area, especially when the water drops below -4.00. Current water level is about -3.30 the forecast is for it to peak around -3.20 in April/May then drop to -6.00 by fall.

Click on the below picture for a cool close up of course #3 and 4a/b locations from July 2014 when the water around the courses was clear for Utah Lake. In general the lighter the color around the courses the shallower, ignore the lighter color father west which is not shallow water. Notice the shallow area on the west end of course #4a which is why when you ski this course you will want to drop about 100' feet to the north of center on the west end.