Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Annual Club Meeting/Activity

The clubs annual meeting/activity is February 5th at 6:00 pm in room 200C (room may change) of the lobby of the South Town Expo Center. This year we have pro skier Marcus Brown and the guys from HO coming in to talk for 15 minutes about their products. All club members including immediate family members will be given free entrance into the boat show after the short meeting that will be over by 7:00 pm, a light meal will be served starting at 6:00 pm. If you would like to go into the boat show before the meeting go to the information desk, the information desk will have the club member list to verify your membership with a valid photo ID. Please send a e-mail to by the 3rd to let the board know if you are coming or not and how many of your family will be eating so that the board can plan the proper amount of food. You can also RSVP on the club's facebook page at with how many people in your group plan on attending.

The main reason for the annual meeting is to elect a new board, the board is ALWAYS in need of new people and ideas. If you want to be on the board in 2015 please e-mail The UWSC board only meets four times (sometimes only by e-mail) a year and does not pay annual dues.

All members are strongly encourage to pay their membership dues of $125 ($25 for emeritus members) before the annual meeting so we can give you your membership card and boat sticker which saves the club time and money on mailing costs. Membership cards are good for various discounts at local retailers, club stickers are for your boat windshield ONLY so please make sure that is where they end up. Go to for the details of how to renew on-line and pay with PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account), you can still snail mail everything in but please do everything electronically if possible then e-mail the application and liability waiver form to and Cc to if you don't have a scanner you can also take a picture of the filled out application and liability waiver with your phone then e-mail. The club does need a signed application and liability waiver from ALL club members for insurance reasons. Club members are not longer required to be Active USA Water Ski members for $80, you can now just be  supporting for $35 if you for sure don't plan to ski in any USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments. You can renew your USA Water Ski membership on-line at remember to send the USA Water Ski conformation e-mail to and Cc to as well. 


UWSC Board

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Board Meeting


- Order membership and wait list cards. Scot/Garn are working on. Color? Red.
- Order boat stickers? Scot is working on. Color? Red
- Make sure the club receives a signed copy of the liability waiver from all members and all wait list members in 2015. This is a requirement as part of the clubs general liability insurance.
- Currently 51 wait list members.

Government Affairs:
- Deer Creek course status? Hank is working on.
- Who can attend the January 29th Governing Board meeting at 7:30 AM? Not sure?
- Who wants to be the clubs representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group? They only meet four times a year. Mel Smith for now but looking for someone.
- Work on getting permission from the state for a wave attenuation system for course #3/4. Hank is working on.

- What equipment do we need to order for 2015? 300' blue cord, 16 yellow boat guides, 18 orange turn, 12 red gates.
- Install new course #2 in Provo Bay in 2015. Yes.
- Move course #4a/4b two buoys to the east. 4a yes, 4b possibly.
- Fix dock box on dock #2. Tim is working on.

- Current balance through December 31st. $11,962.75

Web Site/News:

- Plan annual meeting/activity on February 5th. Scot is working on.
- Verify members discounts for 2015. Roquesanne is working on.
- Projected March 2015 water level near -3.30, high in May of -2.90.
- Should we have HO talk at the annual meeting? Yes, from 6:30-6:45 and with someone from Taylor's boats if possible.
- Get permission from Division of Wildlife for 2015 course locations, renew Permission to Place Device on Utah Boating waters permit with the State Park, renew Right of Entry permit # 410-00092 with Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands. Scot is working on all three.
- Who wants off of the board for 2015? Roquesanne and Daren would be willing to step down.

- Set next board meeting in April. April 7th.