Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Board Meeting

-How many on the wait list? 56.

Government Affairs:
-Work on getting permission to lease the land at course #1. Hank will look into it.
-Help get state approval for a new course in Provo Bay. Hank will work on.

-Should we stain dock #1 or replace with trex? Install trex this winter.
-Stain dock #2. Jane and Olga will do it.
-Install more bumpers on dock #2. John will work on.
-Move course #4a two or four buoys to the east? Yes.
-Where (with state approval) to put a new course in Provo Bay? East shorline just north of the Provo Bay inlet.

-Current balance? $13,295.

Web Site/News:

-Fall adopt-a-park service project. September 21st. Work on improving course #1.
-Should we pay members to set dock anchors, course anchors, and moves courses? Yes. How much? $15.00/hr. $200 max to move a dock, $300 max to move a course. Managed by the President or VP of Equipment.
-East Bay slalom course update? John will work on setting up a meeting with Provo City.

-Set next board meeting date in October. Tuesday the 8th at Chilis or La Costa in American Fork, 7pm.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August News

- Course #3 is too shallow to ski and we will be skiing course #4 in the main entrance to Provo Bay the rest of the year, course #4 has not been used since 2004. A few members have spent several days moving the dock, finding course #4, and have started to set up course #4 but it is still not up since it is missing a few anchors. Anyone that has time to help set a few anchors on Thursday or Friday please e-mail scotchipman@gmail.com.

- A reminder that course maintenance is the responsibility of all members, the clubs VP of maintenance (Tim) is only responsible with supplying the dock box with buoys! With the new course location we will have more public use in the course and it will likely need more upkeep. If you have any questions on how to set up buoys e-mail timwaterskinude@yahoo.com  When you show up at the course make sure it is properly set and lowered up BEFORE you ski which requires you to carry your key with you. If you need a key e-mail Garn garnski@yahoo.com for a replacement. Buoys are in the lock box and a picture of what buoys go where including where the magnets go can be found at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/club-rules-course-maintenance.html and in one of the white binders in the dock box.

- If you show up at the club dock and notice anyone camping kindly tell them that the State Park does not allow overnight camping on private docks. The public can use the docks during the day when members are not utilizing them but don't encourage it.

- Remember to be courteous to non members and wait list members and encourage them to join the wait list. The current wait list has 56 people on it but with people dropping out and many people near the top not joining it is really only about a 8 year wait and there are opportunities to trade up and get in much sooner. Wait list members get the same discounts as members so they can easily pay for their $20 wait list fee is discounts. When possible let non-members and wait list members use the course if it does not interfere with your normal skiing, if it will interfere tell them they can ski when you are done. If you do let them ski between your rotations go with them in their boat if possible to show them how to properly drive in and around the course area.
Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goode Utah State Championships 2013

GOODE Utah State Championship 2013.

Carolyn Dailey

4 buoys @ 30 mph. Congratulations, 2nd place in her division.

Tyler Nelson

5@ 34 MPH. Congratulations, 2nd Place in his division.

Josh Nelson

5 @ 30 MPH. Congratulations, 2nd place in his division.

Keith Morgan

2 @ 35 off. Congratulations, 2nd place in his division

Garn Arnold

5 buoys @15 off. Congratulations, 3rd place in his division.

Dana Adams

5 buoys @ 32 MPH. Congratulations 2nd Place in her division.

Mark Chilcutt

1 buoy @ 38 off. Congratulations, personal best. 1st place in his division.

John Adams

2 buoys @ 32 off. Congratulations.

Matt Chipman

2 buoys @ 35 off. Congratulations, 3rd place in his division.  

Garret Smith

3 buoys @ 28. Congratulations on a personal best.

Mike Nelson

3 buoys @ 32 off. Congratulation, 4th Place in his division.

Tim Peterson

Congratulations, First place in his division

Shaela Adams

3 buoys @ 30 MPH. Congratulations, 1 place in her division. 

Sienna Chilcutt

1 buoy @ 30 MPH. Personal best. Congratulations 2 place in her division.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Utah State Championships

Preliminary running order and work schedule for the Utah State Championships Saturday August 3rd at Sunten. You can still sign up if you pay the $10 late fee, http://sanctions.dataweb.com/default.view?_mode=details&TournAppID=13W105 Spectators are welcome, two pro skiers (Nick Parsons and Chris Rossi) are scheduled to ski.

> Skier        Age Group            Group    Judge        Rd 1    Rd2   
>                         RATING               
> Millecam    Jean    G2    11        A    ----               
> Chilcutt    Sienna    G3    14        A    ----    Driver    Andy    Al/ Laurie
> Adams    Shaela    G3    15        A    ----    Boat J    Dana    John A   
> Summerhays    Amy    G3    17        A    ----    TowerA    Bryce    Scott S   
> Peterson    Timothy    M2    34        A    -AA-    TowerB    Mark M    Kavan   
> Chipman    Matthew    M3    41        A    ----    Scocer    Mike P    Tim P   
> Nelson    Mike    M3    44        A    ----    SAFETY           
> Millecam    Chris    M3    39        A    -A-C    Dock Str    Katelyn       
> Maready    Douglas    M3    37        A    -A--               
> South    David    M3    42        A    CC               
> Chilcutt    Mark    M3    42        A    -AA-               
> Bowen    Alan    M4    52        B    ARAC               
> Adams    John    M4    46        B    -A--    Driver    Rossi    Nick/D.Goode
> Theurer    Andrew    M4    50        B    SR--    Boat J    Dave S    Dave G   
> Munson    Mark    M4    50        B    -A--    TowerA    Chris M    Stacy   
> Tolman    Bryce    M4    50        B    -S--    TowerB    Doug M    Scot C   
> Summerhays    R. Scott    M4    47            -R--    Scocer    Stacy    Chilcutt   
> Mercer    Brian    M5    56        B    ----    SAFETY           
> Parsons    Mike    M5    53        B    CD    Dock Str           
> Arnold    Garn    M5    53        B    ----               
> Morgan    Keith    M6    62        B    -A--               
> Baillargeon    Randy    M6    61        B    ----               
> Bates    Norman    M7    68        B    ----               
> Short    Stan    M8    71        B    -A--               
> Holliday    Spencer    B1    9        C    ----               
> Hess    Kavan    B3    16        C    -AA-    Driver    Mike    Mike/AL   
> Goode    Dave    MM    57        C    CS    Boat J    Tim P    Mike/AL   
> Parsons    Nick    OM    30        C    CJ    TowerA    Chilcutt    Stan   
> Rossi    Christophe    OM    36        C    AS--    TowerB    Stacy    Kieth M   
> Summerhays    Katelyn    W1    20        C    ----    Scocer    Scott S    Chillcut   
> Roberts    Stacy    W2    29        C    -AA-    SAFETY           
> Adams    Dana    W4    46        C    ----    Dock Str           
> Tolman    Colleen    W4    48        C    ----               
> Liddell    Laurie    W4    48        C    SSR-               
> Goode    Dawn    W5    57        C    R-RS               
> Dailey    Carolyn    W5    53        C    ----