Monday, July 22, 2013

July News - No Camping/Utah State Championships

The club has a ongoing problem with people camping overnight on the club docks at course #3. In the past they have caused damage to the navigation lights, ski racks, dock box, sunshade, and even burnt the docks with stoves/fires. The club is fine with the public hanging out on the docks during the day as long as there is room for members but the State Park does not want them camping overnight. If you show up at the course and there are campers please kindly inform them that they are welcome to use the docks during the day if there is room but the State Park does not want them camping overnight. If possible write down their bow numbers and e-mail them to scotchipman at so he can send them to Jason who has requested them, Jason is the new manager at Utah Lake State Park.

If you want to ski for free in the Utah State Championships Saturday August 3th at Sunten send a e-mail to utahwaterskiclub at with and the club will send you instructions on how to enter on-line, the deadline is July 26th if you want the club to pay for your entry. You can still enter the tournament after the 26th but you will have to pay for it on your own.

This tournament is open to everyone even if you have never skied in a tournament before. If you can run long line or shorter and 15.5 mph or faster then you can enter the sanctioned division and get points towards a national ranking. Awards will be given out to first, second, and third place in all sanctioned divisions listed below so many people will get medals since only a few divisions have more than three people in them.

Boys & girls 1 - 9 and under

Boys & girls 2 - 10-13
Boys & girls 3 - 14-17
Men & Women 1 - 18-24
Men & Women 2 - 25-34
Men & Women 3 - 35-44
Men & Women 4 - 45-52
Men & Women 5 - 53-59
Men & Women 6 - 60-64
Men & Women 7 - 65-69
Men & Women 8 - 70-74
Men & Women 9 - 75-79
Men & Women 10 - 80-84
Men & Women 11 - 85+

See this link for directions to Sunten.