Friday, June 21, 2013

June News - New driving directions to course #3

- Course #1 is too shallow to ski, everything has been moved to course #3. Click here for course #3 location and new driving directions in and out of the course. Please enter/exit course #3 from the new west end as indicated on the map which saves time and eliminates rollers. If you do choose to go in and out of course #3 through the main entrance into Provo Bay PLEASE go wakeless in the yellow area if anyone is skiing course #3, coming into the course you will have to go wakeless since you can't tell if anyone is skiing until it is too late. The yellow area is approximately 3,000' long and will take some time so please use the west entrance when possible.

- Go to and you will see the below information listed under Weather Forecast Links. This is the best place to get a wind forecast from but like any forecast it is not perfect. Farther down the page you will see similar links for other ski lakes/clubs in Utah.
*Course #1 hour-by-hour forecast, updates every day by 6am
*Course #1 hour-by-hour forecast, updates every day by 6pm
*Course #3 hour-by-hour forecast, updates every day by 6am
*Course #3 hour-by-hour forecast, updates every day by 6pm
*Works well for wind and direction, OK for precipitation, not good for temperature.
*Add 15% to knots to convert to miles per hour so 10knots = 11.5 mph and 20knots = 23 mph.
*12Z=6am, 15Z=9am, 18Z=12pm, 21Z=3pm, 00Z=6pm, 03Z=9pm
- We continue to have problems with people camping overnight on the docks. If you show up at the docks and notice anyone camping kindly tell them that the State Park does not allow overnight camping on private docks but they are free to use them during the day when members are not utilizing them.

- Remember to be courteous to non members and wait list members and encourage them to join the wait list. The current wait list has 55 people on it but with people dropping out and many people near the top not joining it is really only about a 8 year wait and there are opportunities to trade up and get in much sooner. Wait list members get the same discounts as members so they can easily pay for their $20 membership fee is discounts. When possible let non-members and wait list members use the course if it does not interfere with your normal skiing, if it will interfere tell them they can ski when you are done. If you do let them ski between your rotations go with them in their boat if possible to show them how to properly drive in and around the course area.

- Course maintenance is the responsibility of all members, the clubs VP of maintenance (Tim) is only responsible with supplying the dock box with buoys! If you have any questions on how to set up buoys e-mail Tim  When you show up at the course make sure it is properly set and lowered up BEFORE you ski which requires you to carry your key with you. If you need a key e-mail Garn Replacement buoys are in the lock box and a picture of what buoys go where including where the magnets go can be found at

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board