Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lunch after a successful Adopt-a-Park service project. Thanks to the 18 members, 4 wait list members, and family for a total of 26 that gave their time to support the club today.

Remember it is now required that members  attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service projects every year, the State Park is going to be very happy to see the other 42 members show up on September 21st!

Pictures of people who came to the Adopt-a-Park service project.

Jane Stewart and her family.  Thanks for putting this
day together!  Jane has been a member for 18 years. 
RoquesAnn Fillerup, newest member of the board.  Eight years member. "I always look forward to picking up cigarette
butts and fishing lines!"
Aron Gleave and Cory Heizenrader, three years on the waiting list,
and still helping! 
Keith Morgan, founded the  Utah Lake Water Ski Club, in 1976 with Brian Summerhays.  Brian and Keith are still active members.
Keith, had a friend that started a water ski club 20 years before Keith started our club, which eventually died out.  Keith felt inspired to bring
water skiing back to Utah Lake.  Keith is the, God Father of the club.
Kelly and Marcus Chipman.  The resone Kelly helps with the service projects,
is to instill in Marcus the value of service.  "I did a lot of service projects
 growing up, and feel like it was valuable in my life."
Mont Buckles, member since 1996.
"Today, I trimmed trees in order to help with P. R. at
 Utah Lake, Utah State Park."
Tim Peterson,  joined in 2007.
Matt Chipman, 15 year member.
"I think Utah Lake is a wonderful resource." 
John Lohner, member since 1990.
"I enjoy serving and creating good will with the state." 
Tom Larsen, "I joined the club years ago.  The
reason I help with the service project is
because my wife makes me do it!" 
Mike and Caden Zufelt, members for 13 years.
"We want to insure that the water ski club
continues at Utah Lake." 
John Adams, member for 20 years.
"We deserve to give back to the public lake
our support." 
Paul Garske, member for 13 years.  He try's to
ski two to three days a week. "Needs more girls for
his boat."  Interested?
Scot Chipman, our President!  Member
since 1996. 
Vic Blanton, member 10+ years. 
Ryan Turner, our newest wait list member.

Scott Peterson, I ski approximately three days a week.
I'm here to do our club project and show support
for the club. 
Kent Rominger, six year wait list member.  His comments are, "I love Utah Water Ski
 Club, the most unique, best ski course in Utah. It's important to give to the community by improving our natural reserve."   

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mussel Aware Boater Program

Now is a good time to go to to complete the on-line Mussel Aware Boater Program and receive your 2013 decontamination certificate. Having this certificate with you makes it much easier and quicker to get into the State Park.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UWSC Adopt-a-Park - Bring Clippers!

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members,

The semiannual (third Saturday in May/Sept) Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park service project/activity will be held Saturday May 18th from 10 am to noon, lunch from Goodwood BBQ at noon. In addition to picking up trash we will cutting down Phragmites in the campground area so if you have clippers/trimmers/pruners please bring them. All club members are required to attend one Adopt-a-Park service project every year or go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own and ask a park ranger what you an do to help out. If you have not yet done so please send a e-mail to by May 16th and let the board know if you will be attending and how many in your group will be eating lunch. You can also RSVP on the clubs Facebook page

 For fun this year e-mail Roquesanne Fillerup your most unique/interesting reason reason for helping out at the Adopt-a-Park service project. The person with the most unique/interesting reason we will be given a $30.00 credit towards any purchase at our club store  The performance dry t-Shirts are very nice and the one recommended by the board to buy if you don't win!

Membership cards (see back for discounts) and stickers for your boat are being sent out this week. Keys will also be sent out to the three new members (Doug Brady, Kurt Hoopes, and Scott Peterson), still using the same key as the last 7+ years but if you lost yours e-mail Garn Arnold

Please review the club rules at and take note of the new 20 minute stipulation to a rotation. Communication is the key to keeping members waiting for a rotation on the dock happy, please talk to and introduce yourself to those you don't know and determine the most efficient rotation order.

UWSC Board