Thursday, February 7, 2013

Annual Meeting - New Board


-Thanks to Greenband Enterprises for this free conference room and $5 boat show tickets.

-Thanks to the 2012 board: President  Scot Chipman, VP Membership  Garn Arnold, VP Treasury  John Lohner, VP Web Site/News  Jane Stewart and Olga Sorensen, VP Equipment  Tim Peterson, Equipment Manager 1  Darin Mercer, Equipment Manager 2  Rob Benda, and Government Affairs Hank Cobb.

-Special thanks to Mel Smith for his work with the Utah Lake Commission.
-Special thanks to Hank Cobb for his work on the Boating Advisory Council.
-2012 tournament participants:  Keith Morgan, John/Dana/Shaela Adams, Vickie Smoot, Darin Mercer, Scot Chipman, Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Matt Chipman, and Tim Peterson.


-Balance as of November 30th 2012 was $9,600

Web Site/News

-New water ski course exemption rule is official but the club still strongly encourages all members to use a coast guard approved vest, observer, and a flag when skiing in the clubs course.
-Adopt-a-Park service projects are the third Saturday in May and September every year. It is required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every year or go down on your own and do some kind of work for a hour or so.
-All members including family members can ski for free in the GOODE Utah State Championships in August, does not include practice on Friday. In order to ski for free you will need to sign up on-line before the official deadline.


-Reminder that when you show up at the course you must replace any missing buoys BEFORE you ski. This is the only fair way for all members to enjoy the course and not over burden the equipment manager. One of the jobs of equipment manager  is to make sure there is equipment at the course ready to install but not to replace missing buys.
-Club has an air chair and portable slalom course for club use, contact VP of Equipment to reserve.


-New USA Water Ski membership options: Active  membership for $80 or supporting member for $35. If you will be skiing tournaments in 2013 sign up for a ACTIVE membership which gives you these benefits The main benefit is secondary personal Injury Insurance of $10,000 when participating in USA Water Ski-sanctioned events.
-Reminder that we are on a public lake and non members can use the course when not being used by members. If possible let non members use the course between member sets if time allows, if no time allows tell them when you think there may be time. 
-Currently 60 members with 59 on the waiting list.
-A minimum of three new members get into the club each year from the wait list, possibly more depending on who drops out and projected water levels.
-Emeritus memberships are $25 for club members 60+ yrs old and who have been in the club 20+ yrs.

New Board

President, Scot Chipman
VP Membership, Garn Arnold
VP Finance, John Lohner
VP Web Site/News, Roquesanne Fillerup
VP Government & Regulation Affairs, Hank Cobb
VP Equipment, Tim Peterson
Equipment Manager 1, Jane Stewart
Equipment manager 2, Olga Sorensen


-Ho/Park's Sportsman
-Open discussion.