Saturday, August 25, 2012

Picture of most of the people who competed in the 2012 Goode Utah State Championships. Club members included Keith Morgan, John Lohner, Vickie Smoot, John/Dana/Shaela Adams, Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, Kelly/Scot/Matt Chipman, Mark Chilcutt, Darin Mercer, and Tim Peterson. Go to to read a little more about the tournament.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Utah State Championships Information

Go to for the Utah State Championships running order and assignments. As always, there could be a few changes.  If you have any assignment change requests, e-mail or check with Jeff Milford on Saturday morning. 

As you can see we have a full tournament and then some.  We will be starting right at 9:00 am with novice.  If we have any novice skiers who add, they will be skiing before 9:00 am.  Round 2 will start again with novice and then Group 2, Group 3....

We will need skiers, judges, drivers, scorers and dock starters to be ready to go and in place before the end of the previous group.  Also, if you are the first or second skier in a group, be ready at the dock as the last skiers are finishing in the group before.  This will be critical to get all the ski rides done before dark.

We will be using a 50 second wait time at the ends of the lake.  That give you plenty of time for the water to settle, to catch your breath or chat with the boat.  The drivers will be holding pretty close to that so we can finish and with the best conditions possible for all skiers.

If you have not signed a SunTen Lake Waver, we will need one signed before you practice on Friday or ski in the tournament on Saturday.  Will will have a list of skiers who we need wavers from on the dock and the wavers.   

The Goode State Championships medal presentations will be at the end of the tournament. 

Thanks in advance for skiing and helping with the tournament.  See you on Saturday morning! 



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UWSC Board Meeting

-How many on the wait list? 57
-Should we allow members and wait listers to use PayPal for payment of dues?

Government Affairs:
-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet status. Hank is working on.
-Work on leasing the land for course #1. Hank is working on.
-Provo City and East Bay possible future slalom course. Scot and Tim are working on it.

-Stain/treat both docks.
-Install new ski rack on course #3 dock. Tim is working on.
-How did the water filled buoys work out?
-Reminder to use the maintenance checklist at

-Current balance? $10,519.97

Web Site/News:

-Plan and organize adopt-a-park service project. Jane/Olga are working on.
-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor’s to post on the web page.
-Talk about future affiliation with USA Water Ski and insurance.
-Start working on club permits which now expire on December 31st.
-Set next board meeting date in October?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah State Championships - Ski for free!

UWSC Members,

If you want to ski for free in the Utah State Championships Saturday August 25th at Sunten send a email to scotchipman at for instructions on how to enter. Entry deadline is August 20th if you want the club to pay for your entry which must be done on-line. You can still enter the tournament after the 20th but you will have to pay for it on your own.

This is the last tournament of the year in Utah and is open to everyone even if you have never skied in a tournament before. If you can run long line or shorter and 15.5 mph or faster then you can enter the sanctioned division and get points towards a national ranking. Awards will be given out to first, second, and third place in all sanctioned divisions listed below so most people will get medals since only a few divisions have more than three people in them.

Boys & girls 1 - 9 and under
Boys & girls 2 - 10-13
Boys & girls 3 - 14-17
Men & Women 1 - 18-24
Men & Women 2 - 25-34
Men & Women 3 - 35-44
Men & Women 4 - 45-52
Men & Women 5 - 53-59
Men & Women 6 - 60-64
Men & Women 7 - 65-69
Men & Women 8 - 70-74
Men & Women 9 - 75-79
Men & Women 10 - 80-84
Men & Women 11 - 85+

Above are the directions to Sunten.

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board