Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wait List Spots Open for Bid

The following Wait List spots are now up for bid:
#14:  Brian Smith
#23:  Kent Johnson
#27:  Bridger Jensen
#28:  Doug Aime
#32:  Paul Rauterkus
#36:  Tim Ericksen
#44:  Mike Oskey

If you would like to bid on any of these positions send a e-mail to garnski@yahoo.com and scotchipman@gmail.com
Remember you must bid at least $8.33 for every spot you move up the wait list . The highest bid is based on how much you bid per spot you move up - NOT on the total amount you bid. For example if the # 24 person on the wait list bids $150 on the # 14 position ($15 per spot) he/she would win over the # 44 person who bids $300 ($10 per spot) on the # 14 position. Also if you are the highest bid at say $15 per spot and the next highest bid in $10, you would win and only pay $11 per spot, not $15. If you have any questions e-mail garnski@yahoo.com
This year there are seven spots up for bid.  You can bid on one spot, or you can bid on multiple spots.  When making your bid, please state which spot/spots you are bidding for.  

In the future, if you want to put your spot up for bid you MUST notify the VP of membership BEFORE APRIL 1st as stated on http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/guests.html Also if you put your spot up for bid, you have no control of where you end up so you would only want to do it if you no longer want to be on the wait list.  If you have not paid your yearly Wait List fee for the current year then all money received from the auction goes to the club.  If you are have paid your yearly fee then you will receive back from the auction $8.33 for every spot that the winning bidder moved up on the list.

Thanks for your interest in the Utah Water Ski Club and happy skiing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mussel Aware Boater Program

Now is a good time to go to https://dwrapps.utah.gov/wex/dbconnection.jsp?examnbr=505728 and complete the 2012 mussel aware boater program. If you complete the above program you get a 2012 decontamination certificate that is good all year, if you don't do the program you have to fill out a new form every time you launch your boat.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Board Meeting minutes


-How many dropped out? Just one. Scott Warren.
-How many new members are we letting in from the wait list? Three
-How many on the wait list? 60
-Review how trading works. Rules are posted at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/guests.html

Government Affairs:
-New state boating laws for slalom course status. Have been signed by the Governor.
-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet status? Hank is working on it
-Work on leasing the land for course #1. Hank is working on it.
-Provo City and East Bay possible future slalom course. Scot is working on it.
-Courtesy dock is not going to happen this year.

-Move course #1 wake less buoy 200’ to the north. Tim/equipment people are working on.
-Stain/treat both docks. Tim is working on.
-Work on new course #2 (Provo Bay) and #5 (Pelican Point) location.
-Install a few water filled buoys to test out. Tim/equipment people are working on.
-What are the additional equipment needs for 2012? Green Krylon paint for 55 meter buoys.
-Reminder to use the maintenance checklist at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/course-rules-and-etiquette.html

-Current balance? $3,078
-New responsibilities helping membership? Have finance VP help out Membership VP.

Web Site/News:

-Plan and organize adopt-a-park service project. Jane/Olga are working on.
-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor’s to post on the web page. Scot or Tim will take pictures.
-Should we have a club fun tournament? Yes.
-Talk about future affiliation with USA Water Ski and insurance. Wait and see what USA Water Ski does for now, talk about again in the fall.
-What are the current and future board member responsibilities? Posted on http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/board-members.html
-Set next board meeting date in August. Wednesday August 15th, posted at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/board-members.html

-Jan                              Board meeting (plan annual club meeting)
-Feb                             Annual club meeting/activity
-April                           Board meeting (new members, plan service project/activity)
-May                                Adopt-a-Park service project/activity
-Aug                            Board meeting at the State Park (plan service project/activity)
-Sep                             Adopt-a-Park service project/activity
-Oct                             Board meeting at restaurant (review year)