Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes

UWSC Board Meeting

January 24th 2012

-Add Park's Sportsman to the membership card discounts. Hank will do.
-Reminder that it is a no wake zone through entire shortcut!
-New state boating laws for slalom course status? John is working on it.
-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet status? Hanks is working on.
-Should the club get a storage shed at the harbor? No but pay Keith $10 a month.

-Move course #1 wake less buoy 200’ to the north in the spring. Tim, John, Paul.
-Stain/treat both docks. Tim, John, Paul.
-Safer turn buoys. Will try water filled buoys this year instead of the Goode bubble buoy.
-What are the equipment needs for 2012? Green/yellow boat guides and blue bungee cord.
-Reminder to use the maintenance checklist at

-Current balance? $5,030.

Web Site/News:

-Plan annual meeting including food. Scot will do it.
-Annual meeting agenda.Randy Park and Ty Hunter plan to talk at the annual meeting.
-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor’s to post on the web page. Garn will do.
-Courtesy dock. Scot will check with Fish and Wildlife.
-Should the club look into leasing course #1? Yes, Scot will look into.
-Look into another course location (Pelican Point, Provo Bay).
-Dredging costs are around $12 per cubic yard. Approx $360K to dredge course #1 three feet deeper.
-Who wants to stay on the board for 2012? Anyone will step down for a new person.
-Set next board meeting date in April. April 3rd.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

January water skiing on Utah Lake.

Picture of Keith Morgan water skiing on Utah Lake on January 6th. Link to a article about Keith and winter water skiing.