Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa and the Grinch

Santa and the Grinch will be giving kids candy canes and water skiing tomorrow Saturday Dec. 17 at Utah Lake State Park at 1:00 pm. Everyone is invited, especially kids. See video on you tube of a previous year.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Board Meeting Minutes

UWSC Board Meeting

October 25, 2011


-How many are on the wait list? 59

-No wake zone through shortcut. Hank is working with the state to get the west buoy moved to the east.

-Work on new state boating laws for slalom course. John is working on it.

-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet. Hank is working on getting it approved by the state.

-Look into getting a club storage shed in the harbor. Hank will work on getting approval.


-Remove contents on both dock boxes. Tim will do with help from board/members.

-Should we buy Goode Bubble Buoys? Yes, two to test.

-Should we pay to rent a plane to look for course #3 missing wake less buoy? No.

-Move course #1 wake less buoy 200' to the north in the spring. Tim will do with help from board/members.

-Stain/treat both docks. Tim will organize and do with help from board/members.


-Current balance: $6634.19

Web Site/News:

-Post pictures of properly set up turn buoys and boat guides on web page. Garn will do it.

-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor's to post on the web page. Garn will work on it.



-Work on new Right of Entry Permit. Old one expires on December 31st. Scot is working on it.

-Courtesy dock. Scot will work with Fish and Wildlife to get approval.

-Look into another course location (Pelican Point, Provo Bay). Scot will do.

-Look into dredging Course #1 as part of the Utah Lake Master Plan. Scot will do.

-Set next board meeting date in January. January 24th.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today was our Fall Adopt-A-Park service project.  I'm not totally sure why the fall service project isn't supported anywhere near what the Spring service project is.  But for being Fall, we did have a nice turnout.  There were, I believe, 15 members who attended.  We removed and emptied old sand bags from the North launch ramps as well as cleaned up weeds and crap from those same ramps.  Even though hauling sand bags isn't exactly fun, it was enjoyable seeing and being with the other members of the club that you don't see very often otherwise.  As a club, lets be sure to support these two service projects.  It is a small price to pay for the privilege of being allowed to have two slalom courses set up for us to use.  Speaking of use, there is still plenty of nice weather left before the season is over.  In some ways this is the best time of the year because less people are out on the lake so less waves, less boat traffic, and no lines to launch your boat.  See you at the course!

Friday, September 16, 2011

INT Seeks Coordinators to Host Comps

INT Seeks Coordinators to Host Comps

The INT League is seeking state coordinators for the 2011 season to host slalom, wakeboard, wake skate, wake surf and kneeboard events. The coordinator position is a part time business for outgoing, self-motivated, disciplined individuals who would like to grow their water sports community. 
The INT League is a nationally consistent program which hosts a tour of events in each state, and concludes the season with a US Championships. The INT program offers a unique ability based competition format driving the development of water sports.  
INT provides coordinators with turn-key marketing and organization tools to host successful tournaments. INT's grass roots program partners coordinators with people and companies who support water sports; as well as classroom and field training to establish an INT tour.  
INT is looking for applicants in:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Utah. 
INT is interested in appointing individuals who can commit to organizing events for more than one season, and make an impact in their community. Applicants must have proficient computer skills; capable of using excel, word, and email, a flexible schedule and stable financial situation.  
Hiring takes place in November and December; freshman coordinators attend a three day training seminar in Seattle November 4-6. They learn all of the administrative components and INT's Nationally Consistent Scoring Program; rookie coordinators learn the tricks of the INT trade. In addition, INT will send one staff person out to assist with the first event.  
State Coordinators are contractors representing the International Water Sports Organization (IWSO-INT League); the enjoy the many rewards of having their own business affiliated with the water sports industry. The responsibilities include organizing and producing fun events across your state by meeting and working with ski clubs, lake owners, municipalities, local dealers, area representatives, national sponsors and competitors. For the effort, coordinators are rewarded with both financial and emotional rewards. 
If you think you are this individual please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your water sports and business experience and why you are interested in becoming a state coordinator to For more information, please visit the website

About the INT League
The INT League is a marketing and promotional company that hosts amateur waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate tournaments nationwide. For more information please see the INT website at

Please let me know if you have anyone in your area that you think might be interested in the position.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Stocks
INT League
Communications Director
Office: 360.886.7822

Monday, September 12, 2011

UWSC Adopt-a-Park service project

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members, 
The second and last Adopt-a-Park service project of the year is this Saturday September 17th, meet at 10 am in front of the main building at Utah Lake State Park. We will moving sandbags from the south harbor to the storage area and possibly picking up trash as well. If you have a wheelbarrow or a trailer please bring it! Also we will need a couple of people to stay afterwards to help Tim and Paul with some slalom course work. All club members who show up and help will get to choose one item from
Utah Water Ski Club's web page.
Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/groups/6309988762/

UWSC Board

Summary of the Summer of 2011

First, an apology for my slackness as off late.  I have been slow at updating the blog and I apologize for that.  No excuses other than I've been waterskiing.  But still, I'll be much quicker from here on out.

Labor Day is past us now which normally means Summer is over and Fall is on its way.  I hate this time of year.  Even though we are still skiing I know our days are numbered before it gets to cold to keep skiing (unless you are Keith Morgan and then you never stop if the lake isn't completely frozen!).  But don't let the thought of Winter stop you from getting out.  It's not Winter yet.  So even though the water temperature has definitely gone down, the days are still really nice.  So go turn some buoys while the weather still allows it.

This has really been a fun Summer.  Lots of things have gone on.  Last month we had a Women's Only clinic put on by Carly Clifton.  Since I am of the opposite sex, I didn't attend.  But from everything I have heard it was a great success.  Everyone who attended had a wonderful time and really felt like they learned a lot.  Maybe we should have her do a clinic for all of us next year.

I attended two tournaments this summer at Sunten.  The first one was July 3rd.  Those who were there witnessed some amazing skiing by Chris Rossi and Nick Parsons.  Those two went head-to-head with Chris Rossi coming out the victor with 3 at 41 off!  41 OFF!!!  When's the last time you got to witness someone running into 41 of?!?!  Never?  It was an unreal experience to just stand there and watch the battle between these two titans.  I was in absolute awe!

I didn't compete in this tournament due to a prior injury.  So I was the photographer at the event.  I took a picture of everyone in our club who competed so I could put it up on our blog.  Well, my wife accidentally deleted the files off my computer before I could put them up.  Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper.  So no pictures.  And I had some great ones.  I took a picture of every club member going around 6 ball as they came back down the course.  That included a picture of Chris Rossi - who is a member of our club - going around 6 ball at 39 off!!!  But I think my favorite picture was of our good friend Mark Chilcutt.  Unfortunately he didn't make it back down to the six ball so I got him doing the walk of shame!  It's a classic!  Hmm, I wonder if Mark had something to do with the missing files off my computer??

Last month was the GOODE State Championships.  What a fun tournament!  This tournament was sponsored by both GOODE and Parks Sportsman in Orem.  GOODE had a little "goode" bag for all attendees and Parks Sportman gave $10.00 gift certificates to every winner of every division - all 20 divisions!  A big thank you to both GOODE and to Parks Sportsman for supporting waterskiing in Utah.

Our club not only had a great turn out but we also took home a ton of metals.  I do have to disagree with Scot here about his prior comment that everyone who participates in this tournament gets a metal.   I think everyone in our club who entered the tournament did get a metal ....... except for me.  But that's ok.  I did take 5th place in my division (we won't mention that there were only a total of six in my division).  But it really was a lot of fun.  Here is a list of club members and their families who participated in the tournament:  John, Dana, and Shaelya Adams, Scot and Kelly Chipman, Matthew Chipman, Mark and Sienna Chilcutt, Mike, Joshua, and Tyler Nelson, Tim Peterson, Keith Morgan, and Garn,Sherry, and Lydia Arnold.   You have to tip your hat to Scot who won his division with a score of 1 1/2 at 39 off!  When is Scot going to move to the Open or Master's Division?

Little Lydia's 3rd place run!
Scott has already posted the results so I won't bother reposting them here.  But I will add something that is missing from those results - the results of the Novice Division.  My little 10 year old girl Lydia leaned to slalom ski just last year.  So this was her very first tournament.  I entered her in the Novice Division.   My wife, at the last minute, decided that she wanted to enter as well!  I about fell off my chair when she said that!  So both Sherry and Lydia entered the Novice division.  Low and behold, Sherry ended up taking 2nd place and Lydia took 3rd!  I couldn't believe it!  I'm pretty proud of them even though after the tournament Lydia made the comment, "Geez Dad, you're the waterskier yet you are the only one who didn't get a medal."  Thanks for pointing that out Lydia.  I took a few pictures at this tournament so I will put them in the Photo's of Members area.

I know most of you don't compete in tournaments.  But you ought to consider next year giving it a try.  They really are fun even if you only finish fifth out of six participants.  Everyone is so nice and so supportive of everyone else.  And besides, you just might get to see Chris Rossi ski 41 off!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Utah Water Ski Club September News

-Congratulations to all of the club members who participated in the Goode State Championships last month. See below for a group picture after the event and the results. This is the best tournament of the year in Utah and nearly everyone that skis gets a medal.

- The second Adopt-a-Park service project of the year is coming up on Saturday September 17th. Plan on meeting at the harbor at 10am, details will come later but we will likely be helping clean the south area ramps which have been closed all summer due to the high water.

- Reminder that now through January club and wait list members can get 20% off at Custom Covers, normally 5%. Custom Covers will be traveling to Bear Lake, Flaming George & Lake Powell in the near future to provide courtesy estimates for any marine upholstery and canvas needs you may have. Go to to see all discounts offered to club members with a current membership card.

- Course #3 was never set up this year due to high water, lack of help/interest, and very little protection from rollers. Our equipment people need help installing extensions on course #3 so that it will be ready to set up next spring. If you can help please e-mail/call Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089. Tim has received very little help this year and if it was not from him the clubs docks and courses would not be the same.

- FYI, The entire area between the two wakeless buoys in the shortcut is wakeless!

Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/groups/6309988762/


UWSC Board

Sunday, August 21, 2011

State Championships final results

State Championships final results

Boys 1
MILFORD, JOSHUA B1 0.00/25-K C B1 --- -- -------- --
1.00/25-K C 1T --- -- -------- --
NELSON, JOSH B1 0.00/25-K C B1 --- -- -------- --
1.00/25-K C 1T --- -- -------- --

Boys 2
NELSON, TYLER B2 1.00/25-K C B2 --- -- -------- --
0.00/25-K C 1 --- -- -------- --

Boys 3
HESS, KAVAN B3 6.00/1825 C B3 --- -- -------- --
4.00/2300 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Girls 2
CHILCUTT, SIENNA G2 3.00/40-K C G2 --- -- -------- --
1.00/43-K C 1 --- -- -------- --
MILFORD, KAYLA G2 ----/---- -- G2 --- -- -------- --
4.00/31-K C 2 --- -- -------- --
MILLECAM, JEAN G2 0.00/25-K C G2 --- -- -------- --
2.00/25-K C 3 --- -- -------- --

Girls 3
ADAMS, SHAELA G3 3.50/43-K C G3 --- -- -------- --
4.00/46-K C 1 --- -- -------- --
SUMMERHAYS, AMY G3 3.00/43-K C G3 --- -- -------- --
3.50/43-K C 2 --- -- -------- --

Mens 2
BRENCHLEY, TYLOR M2 3.00/1125 C M2 --- -- -------- --
1.00/1125 C 1 --- -- -------- --
PETERSON, TIMOTHY M2 4.00/1300 C M2 --- -- -------- --
4.50/25-K C 1 --- -- -------- --

Mens 3
CHIPMAN, SCOT M3 1.50/1200 C M3 --- -- -------- --
1.50/1075 C 1 --- -- -------- --
CHIPMAN, MATTHEW M3 2.00/1300 C M3 --- -- -------- --
.50/1200 C 2 --- -- -------- --
NELSON, MIKE M3 2.50/1300 C M3 --- -- -------- --
3.00/1425 C 3 --- -- -------- --
MILLECAM, CHRIS M3 2.00/1300 C M3 --- -- -------- --
2.00/1300 C 4 --- -- -------- --
CHILCUTT, MARK M3 5.50/1425 C M3 --- -- -------- --
.50/1300 C 5 --- -- -------- --
MAREADY, DOUG M3 3.00/2300 C M3 --- -- -------- --
3.00/1600 C 6 --- -- -------- --

Mens 4
YOUNG, BARRY M4 2.00/1125 C M4 --- -- -------- --
3.50/1125 C 1 --- -- -------- --
PARSONS, MICHAEL M4 1.00/1125 C M4 --- -- -------- --
3.00/1125 C 2 --- -- -------- --
THEURER, ANDREW M4 2.00/1125 C M4 --- -- -------- --
1.50/1200 C 3 --- -- -------- --
VOLMRICH, JEFF M4 2.50/1300 C M4 --- -- -------- --
2.00/25-K C 4 --- -- -------- --
BOWEN, ALAN M4 2.50/1425 C M4 --- -- -------- --
---/---- -- 5 --- -- -------- --
ARNOLD, GARN M4 3.00/2300 C M4 --- -- -------- --
5.50/25-K C 6 --- -- -------- --
SUMMERHAYS, R. SCOTTM4 2.50/25-K C M4 --- -- -------- --
2.50/2300 C 7 --- -- -------- --

Mens 5
GOODE, DAVE M5 4.00/1125 C M5 --- -- -------- --
2.50/1200 C 1 --- -- -------- --
HANLEY, MIKE M5 3.00/1125 C M5 --- -- -------- --
.50/1125 C 2 --- -- -------- --
PARKER, MARK M5 4.50/1425 C M5 --- -- -------- --
1.00/1425 C 3 --- -- -------- --
STREATOR, JAY M5 3.50/2300 C M5 --- -- -------- --
1.50/25-K C 4 --- -- -------- --

Mens 6
MORGAN, KEITH M6 1.00/1200 C M6 --- -- -------- --
1.50/1200 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Mens 7
BATES, NORMAN M7 1.00/1425 C M7 --- -- -------- --
----/---- -- 1 --- -- -------- --

Mens 8
SHORT, STAN M8 ----/---- -- M8 --- -- -------- --
1.50/1425 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Masters men
TOLMAN, BRYCE MM 2.00/1075 C MM --- -- -------- --
3.00/1125 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Open Men
PARSONS, NICK OM 3.50/1075 C OM --- -- -------- --
1.50/1025 C 1 --- -- -------- --
LUNDELL, KEVIN OM 1.50/1125 C OM --- -- -------- --
3.00/1125 C 2 --- -- -------- --

Open Women
POULSEN, ALISON OW 2.00/1200 C OW --- -- -------- --
1.50/1200 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Womens 1
SUMMERHAYS, KATELYN W1 1.00/1600 C W1 --- -- -------- --
3.00/1600 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Womens 2
ROBERTS, STACY W2 3.00/2300 C W2 --- -- -------- --
2.00/2300 C 1 --- -- -------- --
SLEIMAN, PAULA W2 3.00/52-K C W2 --- -- -------- --
3.00/52-K C 2 --- -- -------- --

Womens 3
MILLECAM, LAUNA W3 4.00/52-K C W3 --- -- -------- --
---/---- -- 1 --- -- -------- --
MILFORD, RACHAL W3 ----/---- -- W3 --- -- -------- --
5.00/37-K C 2 --- -- -------- --

Womens 4
LIDDELL, LAURIE W4 2.00/1300 C W4 --- -- -------- --
3.00/1425 C 1 --- -- -------- --
ADAMS, DANA W4 5.00/52-K C W4 --- -- -------- --
2.50/52-K C 2 --- -- -------- --
SMOOT, VICKIE W4 6.00/49-K C W4 --- -- -------- --
3.00/52-K C 3 --- -- -------- --
CHIPMAN, KELLY W4 1.50/52-K C W4 --- -- -------- --
2.00/52-K C 4 --- -- -------- --

Womens 5
GOODE, DAWN W5 5.00/2300 C W5 --- -- -------- --
4.50/2300 C 1 --- -- -------- --

Monday, August 8, 2011

UWSC August news

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members,

- Carly Clifton is holding a all women's slalom clinic on Friday August 12th at course #1 between 9am and 5pm, please plan accordingly. There still may be a few spots open, cost is $45 per set. If interested e-mail/call Kelly Chipman (801) 319-8640.

- The last two tournaments of the year are coming up at Sunten Sat/Sun August 20th/21st. Go to for more information and see the above picture for directions. The August 20th tournament is the Utah State Championships open to all skiing levels with no prior tournament experience just like all of the Sunten tournaments. All Utah Water Ski Club members that ski on August 20th will get their entry fee reimbursed by the club! YOU CAN NOW ENTER, SIGN THE WAIVER, AND PAY ONLINE FOR THESE TOURNAMENTS BY CLICKING THE ENTER BUTTON! Deadline to enter on-line is this Friday August 12th. If you can't enter online you can still print out the entry form and snail mail it in or show up before the tournaments starts and enter.

-The first meeting of the Utah Water Ski Association is going to be held after the Utah State Championships at Sunten on August 20th, around 5 pm. All Utah Water Ski Club members are invited to the meeting and the club would like at least one club member to serve as a committee head.

Utah Water Ski Club's web page.
Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/group.php?gid=6309988762


UWSC Board

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Utah Water Ski Club July News - Tournaments

 Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members, 

- Two tournaments are coming up at Sunten this Sat/Sun July 30/31. Go to for more information and click the above picture for directions. All Sunten tournaments are open to all skiing levels including novice with no pressure so come on out and ski with other skiers. YOU CAN NOW ENTER, SIGN THE WAIVER, AND PAY ONLINE FOR THESE TOURNAMENTS BY CLICKING THE ENTER BUTTON! If you can't enter online you can still print out the entry form and snail mail it in or show up before the tournaments starts to enter.

- Carly Clifton is going to be holding a all women's slalom clinic on Friday August 12th at course #1. There are still a few spots open, cost is $45 per set which includes gas. If interested e-mail/call Kelly Chipman (801) 319-8640.

- It turns out the water is just too deep at course #3 with not enough protection to set it up this year, course #1 is up and skiing great. For the most part we have had very little damage to course #1 until this past weekend when four guide buoys came up missing on Monday. Please keep an eye out for several big I/O boats that are camping on the club dock on the weekends and likely doing buoy damage. If you run into them kindly tell them the state park (Ty Hunter (801) 420-1227) does not allow overnight camping on private docks and also call Scot Chipman (801) 368-2981, a no overnight camping or fishing sign is posted on the dock.

- Reminder that when you show up at the course you need to make sure all buoys and magnets are in place and correctly adjusted BEFORE you ski. Replacement buoys/magnets are in the dock box, a chart of where the buoys/magnets go is in the white sign in binder in the dock box . If you have questions about how to replace buoys please e-mail/call Tim Peterson (801) 652-. If you need a key (same key as the last several years) for the dock box e-mail/call Hank Cobb (801) 550-2678.

- The state park has been coming out to course #1 to check on things so please be diligent about following all state boating laws including being wakelsss with 150' ft of any person/boat/shore/dock, wear a coast guard approved vest, and use a flag.

Utah Water Ski Club's web page.
Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/group.php?gid=6309988762


UWSC Board

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marc Buchanan from the Salt Lake Tribune is interested in doing a story about Water Skiing in Utah.

He is specifically assigned to cover the "Mid-valley" area of the valley, which includes Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Midvale, Holladay, Sugarhouse and Taylorsville. Ideally he is looking for high-level water skiers from that area that have experienced success, or may be new to he sport and have ascended rapidly, or perhaps they have overcome a life event and use water skiing as a therapeutic element...his focus is pretty broad and is interested in any information you can provide. If you are aware of skiers who live in other areas of the valley he will pass along their contact info to another reporter.

Marc Buchanan

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunten Tournaments - Bear Hollow

Dear UWSC member,
Sunten still has four more tournaments coming up this summer on July 30/31 and August 20/21, one at the new Bear Hollow on July 16th! These are class C and Novice tournaments open to everyone so come on out and ski. For more information go to You can now enter and pay on-line for the Sunten tournaments or go to for a entry from that you can send in by snail mail. If you need more information about the Sunten tournaments call/text Mike Parsons (801) 580-1671. Click on the below pic for directions to Sunten.

Carly Clifton  is offering private coaching lessons to club and wait list members for $40 a set if you use your own boat.  A few members in the club have been skiing with Carly Clifton who lives in Utah and her coaching is as good as you will get from many of the top coaches in the country. Carly taught for many years at H2Osmosis and April Coble ski school. If interested call or text Carly at (419) 605-6060. 

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board

Friday, June 24, 2011

Utah Water Ski Club June News

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members, 
-The club is really in need of help from several club members to help set up course #3 this Saturday June 25th . If you can help please call Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089.
-Park's Sportsman in Orem is now a new sponsor and supporter of the Utah Waterski Club. They are offering all members and waitlist members of the club 20% off of all items in their Watersports Department and 10% off of everything else in the store.
-The normal drop off and pick up location at the east end of course #1 no longer has a dock and there are rocks just under the water that extend about 10' ft out. It is not advised that you take your boat to shore at the east end of course #1 to pick up or drop off anyone.
-Reminder that when you show up at the course you need to make sure all buoys and magnets are in place and correctly adjusted BEFORE you ski. Replacement buoys/magnets are in the dock box, a chart of where the buoys/magnets go is in the white sign in binder in the dock box . If you have questions about how to replace buoys please e-mail Tim Peterson If you need a key (same key as the last several years) for the dock box e-mail
Utah Water Ski Club's web page.
Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/group.php?gid=6309988762
UWSC Board

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Park's Sportsman Teams Up with Utah Waterski Club!!!

(Click on the below pictures for a bigger view)

I am excited to announce that Park's Sportsman in Orem is now a new sponsor and supporter of the Utah Waterski Club!! They are offering all members and waitlist members of the club 20% off of all items in their Watersports Department and 10% off of everything else in the store!!! This is really a great benefit being offered to the club and its members by Randy Park of Park's Sportsman.

Park's Sportsman is the biggest sporting good store in Utah County and one of the biggest in the state. They have been in business in the same location for over 50 years! And unlike most other stores of this size they have not been bought out or taken over by a bigger conglomerate. The store is still family owned and operated by the Parks. The store is located in North Orem at 644 North State Street. Their phone number is 801-225-0227.

Last week I met with Randy Park and Cory Gebhardt of Park's Sportsman. They are excited to be involved with the club and anxious for all you members to see just how large their watersports department is and how much they have to offer the members. They actually approached us about getting involved with the club - we did not approach them. That alone says a lot about their commitment to supporting water skiing in Utah and especially in Utah County. And this is just the beginning. They would like to sponsor other events for the club. Some of the things we talked about were having a club night at the store for waterski club members, having a ski tournament sponsored by Park's Sportsman, and having a pro ski clinic also sponsored by Park's.

If you haven't been into Park's Sportsman for a while, you really need to go in and just take a look around. Their watersports department is the biggest in Utah County and one of the biggest in the state. Park's is both a Radar and an HO dealer. They carry both lines of skis. And if they don't have the Radar or HO that you are looking for they can order it and have it in a matter of just a few days. They also carry a large selection of gloves, handles, ropes, etc. And their selection of life jackets is huge! One of the biggest I've seen.

They also have a huge selection of wakeboards. I know, we are skiers not boarders. But most of us have kids and family members who are boarders (unfortunately). Well, Park's has everything a boarder needs. Huge selection of Ronix, Liquid Force, and Hyperlite boards!

In addition to skis and wakeboards, they have kneeboards, wakeskates, all sorts of tubes, and probably the biggest selection of surfboards in the state! They even have standup paddle boards for those of you who prefer manual power instead of motorized power. And if you need new boardshorts, swim suits, bikinis, etc, Park's also has a great selection of those as well.

But it isn't just about water sports. Randy is giving us 10% off of everything else in the store. Mountain bikes, road bikes, comfort bikes, kids bikes, shoes and cleats, athletic gear and equipment for all types of sports, camping equipment, tents, packs, sleeping bags, fishing gear and supplies, clothing and apparel, paintball guns and equipment, pool tables (Park's has been in the pool table business for 50 years!), skiis and snowboards, full service bike shop and ski/snowboard shop. and many more things. I can't list everything. You just need to go in and see for yourself.

When you go in you will need to show your membership/waitlist card to get the discount. By the way, the discount does not apply to Red Tag items. If there are any questions when you go in just ask for Randy or Cory. And make sure you thank them for giving us these benefits and for supporting the club.

Friday, June 10, 2011

June News

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members, 
Course #1 is up with all new buoys and skiing great, course #3 is still not set up due to the cool wet spring. The club plans to set up course #3 some time soon, if you have time to help set it up please call Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089. The normal drop off and pick up location at the east end of course #1 no longer has a dock and there are rocks just under the water that extend about 10' ft out into the water. It is not advised that you take your boat to shore at the east end of course #1 to pick up or drop off anyone. The club was unable to secure a permit for a shore dock in that location this year. To help the club secure a permit for a shore dock next year please e-mail your reasons for wanting one to and the board will use them when applying for a permit. A few reasons why the board wants a shore dock are: 1) Safety when loading/unloading passengers, 2) Emergency situations, 3) Handicap access, 4) Convenience that allows more use of the course/lake , ...
A reminder that all club members need to be diligent about following all state boating laws including being wakelsss with 150' ft of any person/boat/shore/dock, wear a coast guard approved vest, and use a flag.

Utah Water Ski Club's web page.
Utah Water Ski Club's facebook page.!/group.php?gid=6309988762
UWSC Board

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adopt-a-Park service project

Picking up trash around the flooded picnic area.
The Adopt-A-Park Service Project at Provo Harbor was a great success.  We had 27 club members and some family members who came out and supported the activity.  You wouldn't think that picking up trash, filling sandbags, and cleaning up the grassy area would be what you would refer to as "fun".  But it was.  Being able to socialize with the other club members, many of whom I only see this one time of the year, was very fun and enjoyable.  So a big thank you to the club members who attended the project.  With 60 members in the club, 27 is less than half the membership.  Let's see if next time we can have over 50% show up.  The next Adopt-a-Park service project will be on September 17.

Filling Sandbags.
We started the morning off with cleaning up the trash around the park.  With all of us sweeping through the park we got that done rather quickly.  From there we moved to filling sand bags.  We filled up all the bags they had but with all the flooding going on at the park I'm sure they could have used more.  Once we filled the bags we then started cleaning up the grassy areas on the South side of the harbor.  With all the flooding that has taken place there were many weeds and logs washed up around the shoreline.  We raked these into piles making it easier for the Park Service to pick them up.   A word of warning to you members, while cleaning up these reeds we watched a number of HUGE logs floating down Provo River into the lake.  So take caution when driving your boat out on the lake and keep and eye out for some big logs.  You hit one of those and you will be in serious trouble.
Removing the reeds and cleaning up the shoreline.

Once we were done with the work we had a killer lunch catered by Goodwood Barbeque!  That alone made attending the service project worthwhile.  Good friends, good food, and a needed worthwhile service project - it doesn't get much better than that.

Chowing down on a great lunch!
As I mentioned earlier, there is flooding going on at Provo Harbor.  I wasn't aware of it until I got there and I was very surprised with just how high the water level is.  The lake is so high that the entire South end of the park has been closed off due to flooding.  Many of the picnic and grassy areas are underwater.  At one point water completely covers the road where the dike begins making the lake and the harbor one solid body of water. And this is before the mountain melt and runoff has even began.  So before things get better they are probably going to get worse.  So for now you can only launch your boat using the North launch ramp.

South launch ramp underwater.

Water completely covering the road.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Adopt-a-Park service project/activity

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members,
The semiannual (third Saturday in May/Sept) Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park service project/activity will be held Saturday May 21st from 10 am to noon, lunch from Goodwood BBQ at noon. This year in addition to picking up trash we will be cleaning up all of the piles of reeds that have come into the park due to the high water this year. Please bring shovels and rakes for you and others if you have extra. All club members are now required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project/activity every two years or go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own, sign in, and ask what you an do to help out.
UWSC Board

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You can join the Utah Water Ski Club this year!

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Wait List Members:

The #2 and #4 people on the wait list have now put their spot up for bid, one lives in Texas and the other does not have a boat. If you would like to bid on one or both of these positions send in your highest bid by 6 pm on April 25th to and If you are the winner of the #2 position you will be the fourth and final new member of the club this year for a total of 60, the winner of the #4 position with be guaranteed membership in 2012. Don't bid on the #2 position unless you are ready to join the club this year! First year dues are $350 + $70 for a USA Water Ski Membership, renewing every year after that is currently set at $125 + $70 for a USA Water Ski membership. Remember you must bid at least $8.33 for every spot you move up the wait list which is given to the person you trade with, any extra goes to the club. The highest bid is based on how much you bid per spot you move up NOT on the total amount you bid. For example if the # 12 person on the wait list bids $150 on the # 2 position ($15 per spot) he/she would win over the # 32 person who bids $300 ($10 per spot) on the # 2 position. Also if you are the highest bid at say $15 per spot and the next highest bid in $10 you would win and only pay $11 per spot, not $15. If you have any questions e-mail

In the future if you want to put your spot up for bid you MUST notify the VP of membership BEFORE APRIL 1st as stated on Also if you put your spot up for bid you have no control of where you end up so the board would advise against it unless you have changed you mind and no longer wish to join the club and want to recoup some of the wait list money.
Thanks for your interest in the Utah Water Ski Club and happy skiing!

UWSC Board

Current wait list