Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Board Meeting October 26th


-Still need a finalized member wait list with updated phone, e-mail, and mainly address. Hank is working on it.

-How many people on the wait list? 53



-Make maintenance log. Tim is working on it.

-Need to ready course #3 for winter. Tim is all ready working on it.

-Make a You Tube video of how do drive the course and how to fix and install buoys. Paul will look for a driving video; club will need to make one for fixing and installing buoys.



-Current balance? $5,385.98


Web Site/News:

-Do we need to buy www.utahwaterski.com? Garn is looking into it

-Look into canceling fatcow and registering with Google. Garn is looking into it.

-Should we continue the junior development program in 2011? Yes



-Look into leasing property in Vinyard for course. Hank and Scot will work on it.

-Go over minutes with the club meeting with the state. Club members need to follow all state boating laws! Club will make a club information pamphlet for the State Park to hand out to interested non-members. Club members have first rights to use the course.

-Input on UWSC Pamphlet that will be handed out by the State Park. Added: Not intended for PWC use.

-Set next board meeting date in January. January 25th.