Thursday, July 29, 2010

USA Waterski Western Regionals

This past week the USA Waterski Western Regional Tournament was held in Caldwell, Idaho.  The Utah Water Ski Club was represented by our own Scot Chipman and Mark Chilcutt.  Actually, what I should say was "well represented".  In the Mens 3 division, Scot ran 5 @ 35 off for a tenth place finish!!  Great job Scot!!  And Mark ran 4 @ 32 off for a 24th place finish and a new tournament personal best!!  Congratulations to both Scot and Mark!  They are both great skiers and great representatives of our club.  Click on the following two links to see pictures of Scot and Mark shredding!

Other Utah skiers included Jeff Milford, Mike Parsons, Dave Goode, Bryce Tolman, Laurie Liddell, Dave South, and Chris Millicum. Jeff is a former member of our club who is now a member/owner out at Sunten.  Jeff won the Mens 3 division running 2 @ 39!  Great skiing!  And Bryce Tolman who skies at Calls Fort in Honeyville took 2nd place in the Mens 4 division.  Dave Goode also took 2nd place in the Mens 5 division. 

Our personal club coach (at least we like to think he is) Marcus Brown won the Open division running 1 @ 41 off.

Congratulations to all the skiers and everyone who took part.  It was a weekend of great skiing and much fun.

Monday, July 19, 2010

UWSC News - Ski for free in the state championships

Dear UWSC member,
Ski for free (includes immediate family members) in the GOODE Utah State Championships on July 31 at Sunten. This is a regular class C and Novice tournament open to everyone. If you want to ski send in your application to Mike Parsons (4358 Bountiful Blvd, Bountiful, UT 84010) so that he has it by the deadline of July 26th. On the entry fee enclosed line write UWSC. For more information go to Entry forms can be found at  If you don't send in your entry form before the deadline you can still enter the day of the tournament if you show up before the tournament starts and pay the late fee. Practice is Friday after 5pm, cost is $10 for four passes. If you need more information about this tournament or directions (see above map) call Mike Parsons (801) 580-1671.

Remember when you arrive at the course make sure it is properly set up and replace any buoys and/or boat guides that are missing BEFORE YOU SKI. If you are not comfortable with how to properly replace a buoy in the slalom course you should contact Keith Morgan (801) 361-4180, Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089, or Mark Chilcutt (801) 230-8057 and have them show you how. When you leave the course make sure ALL BUOYS ARE IN PLACE AND THE COURSE IS READY TO SKI. Go to to read the clubs course maintenance and rules. If you lost your key to the lock box please contact Hank Cobb (801) 550-2678 and he will send you one, we have used the same key for many years now. 

Happy Skiing!
UWSC Board
PS Scot and Kelly Chipman are looking for a trainer ski like for their two year old Marcus. If you or anyone you know has one they can use please e-mail

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This past 4th of July weekend, while many of us were enjoying hot dogs, soda pop (beer for Hank), and fireworks, some of the club members were participating in the ski tournament being held at Sunten.  It was a two day tournament running on Saturday the 3rd and Monday the 5th.  I was not able to attend as I was teaching my 6-year old daughter how to get up on two skis at Utah Lake.  But from everything that I have heard it was a fun (but cold) tournament with a decent turnout.  A number of our club members participated and did well.  Those who participated and their scores are:

     Keith Morgan:     1 @ 35
     John Lohner        2 @ 32
     Scot Chipman     5 @ 38
     Matt Chipman     6 @ 32
     John Adams        ? @ 32
     Dana Adams       ? @ 15 - 32 mph
     Tim Peterson       4 @ 28

Congratulations to the above skiers.  They represented our club well.  They set an example and standard for the rest of us to follow.  We have about 60 members in our club.  Yet only seven attended the tournament?  More of us (and I'm talking to myself as well) need to get more involved and participate in these events.  We have another tournament coming up on Saturday July 31st.  This one is even paid for by the club (there goes the I-can't-afford-it excuse)!  Lets see if more of us can show up for this tournament.  We have 3 1/2 weeks to practice.  Let's go skiing!