Friday, April 9, 2010

April 5th Board Meeting Minutes


-Who has not renewed on the member list? Kellert Greenlaw.

-How many new members from the wait list are we offering membership this year? Three.

-How many people on the wait list have not paid? 15+



-Need to stain dock #1 and #3 this spring. Mark and Tim are working on it.

-What equipment do we need to buy this year? Bungee cord and solar light.

-What is the plan for course #3 this year? Move four bouys to the west.

-Fix dock board on course #1. Keith is on it.



-What is the current balance? 5,446.46

-Should we have club t-shirts made this year? Yes, Scot is working on it.


Web Site/News:

-Planning to have two slalom clinics this year, one by Marcus Brown if possible.

-How is the new blog coming along?

-Do we need to buy Garn is looking into it.

-Ideas to get more members involved in the club? Going to start a Junior Development program and sponsor two skiers, one male and one female. Hank is organizing.



-Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group Meeting, Tuesday April 13th at 10 am. Keith and Mel Smith plan to attend.

-Talk about and plan the semi-annual Adopt-a-Park service project on May 15th.  Paul is going to organize with Jane Stewart.

-Set next board meeting date in Aug. August 17 at the lake if possible.