Monday, February 1, 2010

Board meeting minutes

UWSC Board Meeting

February 1, 2010


-How many people on the wait list? 47.

-Finalize colors for club boat sticker. Orange ring around the club purple and light blue colors.

-Reminder that we now have a $50 emeritus status membership for club members who are 60+ years of age and have been in the club 20+ years.


-Need to stain dock #1 and #3 this spring. Tim and Mark are working on it.

-Should the club apply to have a dock on the shore at course #1? Yes.

-New locations for course #3. Look into moving it west, Pelican Point, and the northeast corner of Provo Bay.


-Go over the 2009 income and expense sheet that will be handed out at the annual meeting.

-What is the current balance? $1,688.

Web Site/News:

-Planning to have two slalom clinics this year, one by Marcus Brown if possible.

-Future plans for the web page? Look into on-line software to edit the page, blog, facebook.

-Ideas to get more members involved in the club? Home/restaurant and watch ski videos and eat, slalom course at Lake Mead, Bear Hollow or Last Chance lake rental.



-Talk about and plan the annual meeting February 11th. Mike will pick up food from Kneeders, Scot will pick up drinks/chips/nuggets.

-Who wants off of the board in 2010? Mike and Chip would give up their spots if we have willing people.

-Set next board meeting date in April. Monday April 5th.