Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Invasive mussels

Go to the online Mussel-Aware Boater Program and receive a Decontamination Certification Form valid through the end of the calendar year.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Board Meeting October 26th


-Still need a finalized member wait list with updated phone, e-mail, and mainly address. Hank is working on it.

-How many people on the wait list? 53



-Make maintenance log. Tim is working on it.

-Need to ready course #3 for winter. Tim is all ready working on it.

-Make a You Tube video of how do drive the course and how to fix and install buoys. Paul will look for a driving video; club will need to make one for fixing and installing buoys.



-Current balance? $5,385.98


Web Site/News:

-Do we need to buy Garn is looking into it

-Look into canceling fatcow and registering with Google. Garn is looking into it.

-Should we continue the junior development program in 2011? Yes



-Look into leasing property in Vinyard for course. Hank and Scot will work on it.

-Go over minutes with the club meeting with the state. Club members need to follow all state boating laws! Club will make a club information pamphlet for the State Park to hand out to interested non-members. Club members have first rights to use the course.

-Input on UWSC Pamphlet that will be handed out by the State Park. Added: Not intended for PWC use.

-Set next board meeting date in January. January 25th.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September News

Course #3 has been moved to the west by four turn buoys for more protection from wind/rollers and the dock has been moved to the east end of the course, the fence that was just to the west of the course has been removed. Thanks to Mark Chilcutt, Tim Peterson, Keith Morgan, and Garn Arnold for moving the fence on Friday the 3rd and to Tim Peterson, Mark Chilcutt, Mont Buckles, Scot Chipman, Jason Hutchings, and Carly Clifton for helping move the course and dock on Saturday the 4th. Go to for more information on course locations.

A reminder that the clubs Adopt-a-Park service project is coming up on September 18th, the Adopt-a-Park service projects are the third Saturday in May and September every year. The plan is to meet at Utah Lake State Park at 10 AM and pick up trash as part of the clubs Adopt-a-Park agreement, we will be done by 11 AM at the latest. All club members who show up AND help out on the 18th will be given their choice of a club t-shirt from Remember it is now required that each member attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every two years or go down on your own and ask what you can do. If you go down on your own make sure you sign a volunteer sheet and mention that you are part of the Utah Water Ski Club.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes


-Who has still not renewed on the member list? Curtis Damon dropped membership and is out of the club.
-How many people on the wait list who still have not paid? 11

-Move course #3 to the west. Will make the move the first week in September.
-Need to look for new course location. Pelican Point?
-Need to ready course #1 for winter. Tim will do.

-Current balance? $7,051.

Web Site/News:
-Fall Adopt-a-Park service project coming up on September 18th. Will give out t-shirts to those who show up.
-Do we need to buy Garn will look into it.
-We did not have any applications for the Junior development program this year. Need to do a better job of spreading the word next year.

-Look into digging out course #1. Scot will look into it. First step is the corp of engineers.
-Utah Lake Comission Public Advisory Group Meeting, who wants to attend? Mel Smith will continue to go.
-Set next board meeting date in October. 26th at a restaurant in Utah Valley.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

UWSC News - Bear Hollow

The water is getting low at our beloved course #1 and it is not usable once the water level drops below -1.25 which will likely occur around the 15th of August. To see the current water level go to and click on Current Utah Lake Level, currently around -1.15.
See below for information about a fun water ski tournament at the new Bear Hollow Water Ski Ranch which has two man-made ski lakes. 


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Congratulations to all of the Utah Water Ski Club members who came out to the Utah State Water Ski Championships held at Sunten on July 31st:  John/Dana Adams and girls, Travis Ogden and boys, Keith Morgan, John Lohner, Mike Nelson and son, Kelly Chipman, Scot Chipman, Matt Chipman, Garrett Smith, and Tim Peterson.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

USA Waterski Western Regionals

This past week the USA Waterski Western Regional Tournament was held in Caldwell, Idaho.  The Utah Water Ski Club was represented by our own Scot Chipman and Mark Chilcutt.  Actually, what I should say was "well represented".  In the Mens 3 division, Scot ran 5 @ 35 off for a tenth place finish!!  Great job Scot!!  And Mark ran 4 @ 32 off for a 24th place finish and a new tournament personal best!!  Congratulations to both Scot and Mark!  They are both great skiers and great representatives of our club.  Click on the following two links to see pictures of Scot and Mark shredding!

Other Utah skiers included Jeff Milford, Mike Parsons, Dave Goode, Bryce Tolman, Laurie Liddell, Dave South, and Chris Millicum. Jeff is a former member of our club who is now a member/owner out at Sunten.  Jeff won the Mens 3 division running 2 @ 39!  Great skiing!  And Bryce Tolman who skies at Calls Fort in Honeyville took 2nd place in the Mens 4 division.  Dave Goode also took 2nd place in the Mens 5 division. 

Our personal club coach (at least we like to think he is) Marcus Brown won the Open division running 1 @ 41 off.

Congratulations to all the skiers and everyone who took part.  It was a weekend of great skiing and much fun.

Monday, July 19, 2010

UWSC News - Ski for free in the state championships

Dear UWSC member,
Ski for free (includes immediate family members) in the GOODE Utah State Championships on July 31 at Sunten. This is a regular class C and Novice tournament open to everyone. If you want to ski send in your application to Mike Parsons (4358 Bountiful Blvd, Bountiful, UT 84010) so that he has it by the deadline of July 26th. On the entry fee enclosed line write UWSC. For more information go to Entry forms can be found at  If you don't send in your entry form before the deadline you can still enter the day of the tournament if you show up before the tournament starts and pay the late fee. Practice is Friday after 5pm, cost is $10 for four passes. If you need more information about this tournament or directions (see above map) call Mike Parsons (801) 580-1671.

Remember when you arrive at the course make sure it is properly set up and replace any buoys and/or boat guides that are missing BEFORE YOU SKI. If you are not comfortable with how to properly replace a buoy in the slalom course you should contact Keith Morgan (801) 361-4180, Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089, or Mark Chilcutt (801) 230-8057 and have them show you how. When you leave the course make sure ALL BUOYS ARE IN PLACE AND THE COURSE IS READY TO SKI. Go to to read the clubs course maintenance and rules. If you lost your key to the lock box please contact Hank Cobb (801) 550-2678 and he will send you one, we have used the same key for many years now. 

Happy Skiing!
UWSC Board
PS Scot and Kelly Chipman are looking for a trainer ski like for their two year old Marcus. If you or anyone you know has one they can use please e-mail

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This past 4th of July weekend, while many of us were enjoying hot dogs, soda pop (beer for Hank), and fireworks, some of the club members were participating in the ski tournament being held at Sunten.  It was a two day tournament running on Saturday the 3rd and Monday the 5th.  I was not able to attend as I was teaching my 6-year old daughter how to get up on two skis at Utah Lake.  But from everything that I have heard it was a fun (but cold) tournament with a decent turnout.  A number of our club members participated and did well.  Those who participated and their scores are:

     Keith Morgan:     1 @ 35
     John Lohner        2 @ 32
     Scot Chipman     5 @ 38
     Matt Chipman     6 @ 32
     John Adams        ? @ 32
     Dana Adams       ? @ 15 - 32 mph
     Tim Peterson       4 @ 28

Congratulations to the above skiers.  They represented our club well.  They set an example and standard for the rest of us to follow.  We have about 60 members in our club.  Yet only seven attended the tournament?  More of us (and I'm talking to myself as well) need to get more involved and participate in these events.  We have another tournament coming up on Saturday July 31st.  This one is even paid for by the club (there goes the I-can't-afford-it excuse)!  Lets see if more of us can show up for this tournament.  We have 3 1/2 weeks to practice.  Let's go skiing!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Carly Clifton and Breanne Wagner would like to put together a all women's clinic at the end of August if we have the interest. This would be a slalom clinic geared for women with some health and fitness information as well. The cost would be $80 for two sets. A few members in the club have been skiing with Carly Clifton (who now lives in Utah) and her coaching is as good as you will get from any of the other top coaches. She taught for many years at H2Osmosis and April Coble ski school. If interested e-mail

We have had problems keeping course #3 up so far this year. When you arrive at the course you should always check to make sure it is properly set up and replace any buoys and/or boat guides that are missing BEFORE YOU SKI. If you are not comfortable with how to properly replace a buoy in the slalom course you should contact Keith Morgan (801) 361-4180, Tim Peterson (801) 652-0089, or Mark Chilcutt (801) 230-8057 and have them show you how. When you leave the course make sure all buoys are in place and the course is ready to ski. Make sure the dock is clean and club equipment is put away properly and locked. Please go to the Course Maintenance and Rules link to the left to read all about course maintenance and rules. If you lost your key to the lock box please contack Hank Cobb (801) 550-2678 and he will send you one, we have used the same key for many years now. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Marcus Brown's Face To Face Clinic!!!!

Utah Waterski Club was privileged to have Marcus Brown's Face To Face Tour roll into town this past June 17th and 18th for two chuck full days of clinics and skiing.  Course One at Utah Lake was the site of Marcus's first tour stop in Utah.  All I can say is "WOW!!"  If you missed this clinic, you really missed out.  Not only is Marcus Brown one of the best skiers in the world, he's also one of the best coaches in the world as well.  Out of all the clinics that I have attended, this one stands head and shoulders above them all.  Hopefully we can get Marcus back for another tour stop.  Everybody who attended the clinic couldn't say enough about Marcus, Jenny, and the quality of his coaching.  It was definitely money well spent.

The clinic was ran in three sessions with three groups of five skiers.  Each skier in each group skied two sets.  The first group was on Thursday.  The second group skied Friday morning with the third group skiing Friday afternoon.  Marcus's partner and girlfriend, Jenny Labaw - a fitness expert and personal trainer ( - started each session off with a series of ballistic stretches and exercises oriented specifically for the slalom skier.  Jenny was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us how to warm up and prevent injuries while skiing.  It was very informative and worthwhile.  She's also the fittest female I have ever seen in my life.

The one-on-one instruction by Marcus was nothing short of world class.  Marcus has an uncanny ability to relate to any level of skier.  He was so friendly and down to Earth that the nervousness of skiing with Marcus Brown quickly disappeared and you felt like you were skiing with a friend.  What impressed me the most was his ability to communicate what he saw and what he wanted you to do in a way that you completely understood what he was asking of you.  All you had to do was go out and do it - sometimes easier said than done.
One of the highlights of the day was watching Marcus Brown take a set of his own.  I was lucky enough to be able to ride in the boat when Marcus skied.  I was blown away!  The way he maintained his speed throughout the course, the angle he created coming out of the turn,  the power and fluidity of his movements, and the pure poetry of his motions was nothing short of spectacular.  It was something that I personally have only been able to witness just a few times in my life.

I would like to thank Marcus and Jenny for taking the time to stop by our neighborhood.  Everyone who attended went home with renewed determination, specific things to work on, and a big smile on their face. I would also like to thank Mark Chilcutt for setting this clinic up and making it happen.  I would also like to thank all those who attended.  What makes our club such a great club is the friendship and comradery amongst the members.  Everyone who was there made it a very memorable day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UWSC: Marcus Brown Face to Face Tour

Marcus Brown is bringing his Face to Face tour to the Utah Water Ski Club course #1 June 17th and 18th. This is your chance to ski with one of the top pro skiers and instructors in the world without having to travel out of Utah. The plan is to have five skiers ski two sets (one set is six passes through the course) on Thursday morning between 8 am and noon, five more skiers Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and the last five skiers on Friday from 8 am to noon. If more than fifteen people want to sign up we could possibly do a Friday afternoon session. The cost is $160 and includes two sets with instruction from Marcus with his boat and gas. Personal trainer Jennifer LaBaw who runs will go through ski specific warm-ups, workouts, and stretches for those on the dock waiting to ski. There will also be HO demo gear, skis, ropes, gloves, handles, bindings, etc for demo/sale. For more information about the Face to Face tour and Marcus go to If interested e-mail or call Mark Chilcutt home (801) 446-5583, cell (801) 230-8057 to reserve your spot and arrange payment.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 2010 Adopt-A-Park Service Project

May 15th was our annual Spring Adopt-A-Park Service Project at the Utah Lake State Park Provo Marina.  It was a great success and an enjoyable time for all who attended.  We had 17 club members and one waitlist member in attendance with a total number of 23 counting family members.  In addition to our normal activity of picking up the trash, we also removed the old bark from the playground on the southeast end of the park and replaced it with fresh sand.  Once we were finished with the work we enjoyed a fantastic barbeque lunch catered by Goodwood.  The lunch itself made it worthwhile to attend.
This really was a great opportunity to serve and give back to the state for allowing us the privilege of being able to have two slalom courses set up in public waters.  With the good turnout that we had, the work went quickly and easily.  But more importantly, it allowed the members of the club to get to know each other better and to work together for a good cause.  There are about 60 members of the club.  These bi-annual service projects provide an opportunity for all the members to get to know each other and to welcome in the newest members.  I would encourage all of you to make these service projects a higher priority.  Seventeen is a good turn out.  But we could and should do better.  We are required to attend one service project every two years.  But we should do better then that as well.  The next service project will be on September 11th so put that on your calendar now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Utah Water Ski Club recognizes the difficulty of junior water skiers in Utah to gain access to a water ski slalom course to improve their skills for USA Water Ski competition and perhaps collegiate competition as well.

For 2010, a trial year of this new program, we will have available one male and one female scholarship open to anyone 24 years of age or younger who is not a current member of the club. The application will be reviewed on the junior’s interest in skill development and commitment to water skiing and the Utah Water Ski Club. It is highly recommended that you are on the club wait list before you apply. If approved for the scholarship you would have full access to the clubs facilities and a full rotation like a regular member. If awarded the scholarship you would be required to compete in three sanctioned USA Water Ski tournaments in 2010 and complete 10 hours of UWSC service. Click here for the application that is due by May 31st 2010.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adopt-a-Park service project/activity

Dear Utah Water Ski Club Members,
The bi-annual (third Saturday in May/Sept) Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park service project/activity will be held Saturday May 15th from 10 am to noon, lunch/BBQ at noon. This year in addition to picking up trash we will be removing dirt from the playground for pickup by the State Park, the State Park will later fill the playground with sand. Please bring shovels and wheelbarrows if you have one. All club members are now required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project/activity every two years or go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own and ask what you an do to help out. Please reply back to this e-mail by May 13th to let the board know if you will be attending and how many in your group will be eating lunch.
Membership cards (see back for discounts) and stickers for your boat have been sent out, if you have not received yours and/or need a new key (same key as the last few years) contact
The new club web page/blog is almost finished thanks to Garn Arnold. Go to to check it out and become a follower. This new blog will be the official web page for the club and all official club e-mails/news will be posted on the blog. Eventually we will have our old club web page automatically re-direct you to the new page. The club also has a facebook page!/group.php?gid=6309988762 to follow for fun that will eventually replace which is not getting used.
UWSC Board

Friday, April 9, 2010

April 5th Board Meeting Minutes


-Who has not renewed on the member list? Kellert Greenlaw.

-How many new members from the wait list are we offering membership this year? Three.

-How many people on the wait list have not paid? 15+



-Need to stain dock #1 and #3 this spring. Mark and Tim are working on it.

-What equipment do we need to buy this year? Bungee cord and solar light.

-What is the plan for course #3 this year? Move four bouys to the west.

-Fix dock board on course #1. Keith is on it.



-What is the current balance? 5,446.46

-Should we have club t-shirts made this year? Yes, Scot is working on it.


Web Site/News:

-Planning to have two slalom clinics this year, one by Marcus Brown if possible.

-How is the new blog coming along?

-Do we need to buy Garn is looking into it.

-Ideas to get more members involved in the club? Going to start a Junior Development program and sponsor two skiers, one male and one female. Hank is organizing.



-Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group Meeting, Tuesday April 13th at 10 am. Keith and Mel Smith plan to attend.

-Talk about and plan the semi-annual Adopt-a-Park service project on May 15th.  Paul is going to organize with Jane Stewart.

-Set next board meeting date in Aug. August 17 at the lake if possible.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Board meeting minutes

UWSC Board Meeting

February 1, 2010


-How many people on the wait list? 47.

-Finalize colors for club boat sticker. Orange ring around the club purple and light blue colors.

-Reminder that we now have a $50 emeritus status membership for club members who are 60+ years of age and have been in the club 20+ years.


-Need to stain dock #1 and #3 this spring. Tim and Mark are working on it.

-Should the club apply to have a dock on the shore at course #1? Yes.

-New locations for course #3. Look into moving it west, Pelican Point, and the northeast corner of Provo Bay.


-Go over the 2009 income and expense sheet that will be handed out at the annual meeting.

-What is the current balance? $1,688.

Web Site/News:

-Planning to have two slalom clinics this year, one by Marcus Brown if possible.

-Future plans for the web page? Look into on-line software to edit the page, blog, facebook.

-Ideas to get more members involved in the club? Home/restaurant and watch ski videos and eat, slalom course at Lake Mead, Bear Hollow or Last Chance lake rental.



-Talk about and plan the annual meeting February 11th. Mike will pick up food from Kneeders, Scot will pick up drinks/chips/nuggets.

-Who wants off of the board in 2010? Mike and Chip would give up their spots if we have willing people.

-Set next board meeting date in April. Monday April 5th.