Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting NotesJanuary 20, 2009
- Discuss 2009 membership cards and what new discounts to place on back.
Add all discounts to back of card. New this year: JCW's for 10%, possibly Sharps Tarps for 10-20%.

- Have 2009 stickers made in what color?
Keep the same color as past years, since they are official club colors.
- How many current people on the wait list?
- Install frame for sunshade on course #3.
Will try on January 31. Should be a lot easier to do with the ice.
- Make new sign for course #3.
Matt and Tim will do.
- Should we stain dock #1 and #3 this spring?
Yes, will need to find help from the club members.
- What is the current balance?
- Get annual income/expense sheet ready for the annual meeting.
Kelly will finish inputting 2008 data. Scot or Mike will make the income/expense sheet.
- Try and get free tickets to the boat show from the dealers to help offset cost. Hank:
Taylor's Boats, Keith: MM Water Sports, Matt: Sandy Marine Products, Scot: SLC Marine Products, Mike: Wasatch Marine, and Kelly: SS Marine.
Web Site/News
- Annual meeting scheduled for February 5, 6:30 pm in conjunction with the boat show going on February 4-8.
- What should we do for food?
Legers or Kneeders.
- Web page updates/additions:
Add board meeting minutes to the news page, add next board meeting date to board page (April 16), change annual meeting time on the events page to 6:30, on the service project page add, "Club members are required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every two years, or each year go to the Utah Lake State Park office own their own, sign in under the Utah Water Ski Club, and ask the ranger what work can be done."
- What can we do to get more members involved in the club?
No good ideas as of now, possible lake rental some day.
- The club purchased directors and officer's liability insurance for $459.98. Click here to see USA Water Ski Club Officers & Director' Liability Program.
- Should the club still buy general liability insurance for $1,175.50 ($880.88 if we buy after Apr 1). Yes, after Apr 1. Click here to see USA Waterski Club Insurance Overview
- Should we require members to attend at least one service project ever year? Every two years?
Yes, it is now required to attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every two years or go the lake and work on thier own.
- Should we set up a volunteer sheet with the State Park so people that can't make it to the May and September Adopt-a-Park dates can come on their own and do work?
- Next board meeting date is April 16.