Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting

October 28th, 2008


-How many on the wait list?

-Should we only place 20% discounts on the membership cards or include the 10%? JCW's wants to be added for 2009 at 10%, Sugarhouse tent and awning is currently 10%.


-Make frame for sunshade on course #3. Tim Peterson and Mark Chilcutt are working on it.

-Make new sign for course #3.

-Still need to stain dock #1 before winter if possible. Hank Cobb, Matt Mudek, and Roquesanne Fillerup said they could do the work.


-Current balance is?

Web Site/News:

-Annual meeting schedule for February 5th at in conjunction with the boat show going on February 4th-8th.

-Web page updates. Add board meeting minutes to the news page, add next board meeting date to board page, add annual meeting date and time………………



-Buy general liability and participant accident coverage for 2009. See link. www.usawaterski.org/graphics/downloads/InsuranceResources/ClubInsurance/2008ClubInsuranceProgramOverview.pdf 

-Set next board meeting date in January. January 22nd.