Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adopt-A-Park Service Project

May Adopt-A-Park Service Project Completed
On Saturday, May 10, 2008 close to 30 club members and family met at the Utah Lake Marina and picked up trash along the shore of the inner marina (the club's Adopt-A-Park area), raked up and cleared reeds and other debris from the west facing beach, and installed new decking on the old course #3 dock.
There wasn't as much trash and debris to clean up as in years past, since the Park Service has already been busy cleaning things up, installing picnic benches, shade pavilions and laying new rock and boulders along some of the new shore line (i.e. Provo River side).
Club equipment managers Keith, Tim and Matt have been very busy over the last few months repairing the old course #3 dock. Saturday, club members worked well into the late afternoon and didn't even ski that day, installing new redwood decking. This is one of the last steps before moving the dock from Keith's house and floating it back over to Course #3.
Thank you to everyone who helped with the service project (Thanks to Josh for driving the mule around!) and thank you to Utah Park Service Rangers Ty, George and Megan for getting everything ready for the service project.
Below are some photos of the day.
PS. The next service project is on September 13, 2008.
(More pictures were taken, but due to a new operating system, #@&*!! Microsoft Vista, all of them weren't transferred from the camera card to my laptop, and I didn't check to make sure before reformatting the disk. There were great picture of club members hanging out during lunch and of the "historic" work that was done on the dock - historic, because the dock is going to last another 10-15 years before it will need to be remodeled again.)