Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Notes
October 30, 2007
- Does insurance from USA Water Ski cover just when members are at the course?
Yes, and only if additional requirements are met. The rest of the time he club is not covered.
- What additional coverage do we need when members are not at the course and to cover the board?
Hank is working on it.
- Challenger Ski School (Keith Morgan) liability concerns.
Challenger Ski School needs to be in compliance with all State requirements to use the club course which includes insurance and a vessel operator's permit.
- Things needed for new dock.
15' x 12' Sunshade.
- Re build old dock in March if course #1 will be available in June.
Tim is looking into the costs to re-build the old dock. Scot is looking into what it would cost for an all new dock like we bought in 2006.
- Current balance.
- What are the average costs to maintain the club each year? How much money do we have to spend on a new dock?
Kelly is working on it.
Web Site/News
- Code of conduct. Need to add to web page.
Scot will work on it.
- Web page updates:
Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes page, move old board meeting minutes to archive page, update the service project page, add next board meeting date to board page. On the events calendar page change that UWSC members can only ski for free in the Utah Water Ski Club Open. Each member still needs to send in their application, if your application is late you will need to pay the late fee.

- Talk about tournament promotion and how much to donate to Sunten.
$250. Name of the tournament? Utah Water Ski Club Open. All UWSC members ski for free in the Utah Water Ski Club Open, does not include a late fee.
- Who wants to be on/off next years board?
Paul and Hank want off unless we can get full insurance coverage for the board. Matt Mudek may want on the board.
- Set next board meeting date in January.
January 15th.