Monday, January 29, 2007

Board Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2007Membership
-Set dues for 2007?

-Should we add discount information to back of membership card.
-Check into insurance concerns for general public skiing clubs course.
Hank/Chip, will talk to Clint Jensen.
-Wait list status.
18 new members this past year, 35 total.
-Things needed for New dock.
15' x 12' Sunshade, 42.25" x 24.75" sign, carpet.
-Old dock repairs.
Bolt two sections back together, fix bumpers, new carpet.
-Remove very old dock from lake.
Keith will take care of it.
-Current balance.
-Go over 2007 budget.
$7,900 projected income, $6,504 projected expenses, $1,396 extra.
Web Site/News
-Add annual meeting to events page.
Chip will take care of.
-Talk to local businesses and renew our discounts with them.
Scot will take care of.
-Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes tab, move old board meeting minutes to archive, add next board meeting date to board member page.
Chip will take care of.

-Who want to stay on the board in 2007?
Everyone would like to stay.
-Plan annual meeting/activity February 8th.
Added slide show by Chip, Kelly planning food.-Tournament promotion discussion. Approved $1000 to help Sunten, all UWSC members ski for free in all Sunten tournaments.
-Set next board meeting date in April.
April 16th
-Adopt-a-park activity refunds.
Will refund $25 to each member who attends, $10 credit to each wait list member. Can attend both activities and get refunds at both.