Thursday, April 6, 2006

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Notes
April 6, 2006

-Wait list status. (18 out of 21 have paid or is said to be in the mail)
-What members did not renew for 2006? (Troy Campbell, Ken Johnson, and Tanya Nilson)
-How many new members should we let in this year? (Four)
-Should the club have an inactive member status list? (No)
-New dock parts that we need to buy for the new dock. (Ski Rack, ladder, carpet, dock box, light and sign)
-Course #1. (Finish setting in anchors)
-Course #3 work needed. (Make and install extensions)
-Old dock repairs needed for 2006. (Fix connection between the two pieces)
-Sell wake less buoys for how much? ($190)
-Assign course maintenance to specific person? (Paul Garske #1, Corey Laing #3)
-How much, if any, to pay club members to do work? (No pay, but will reimburse for gas)
-Current balance. (Will be around $2,000 once we pay for the dock)
-Go over club budget. (File can be found on
Web Site/News:
-Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes tab and move old board meeting minutes to archive. (Done, except all 2006 club news will be moved to archive in 2007)
-Add next board meeting date to board member page - July 11th (Done)
-Set Adopt-a-park clean-up day in May. 13th or 20th. (Set for 13th)
-Annual club activity in conjunction with the Adopt-a-park clean up day in September? (Yes)
-Refund amount? ($25)
-Who wants to be President next year? (Any takers?)
-Set next board meeting date in July. (11th)