Saturday, May 13, 2006

Adopt-a-Park Service project

Annual Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park Service Project DayMay 13, 2006 - Utah Lake Marina

The club has two Adopt-A-Park service projects every year - one in May and one in September. Below is information about this year's May service project. Keep an eye on this page for the date of September's project.

Thirty-two Utah Water Ski club members and friends attended the club's annual spring service project pulling logs and other debris from the Utah Lake Marina deposited by the Provo River runoff.  Working alongside Utah State park rangers, and using the park's two flat bed trailers and a chainsaw, attendees cleaned up several tons of debris that posed a water hazard as well as making the marina's beaches pretty ugly.

As part of an agreement with the Utah Lake State Park allowing the club to install and maintain two water ski courses on the lake, the Utah Water Ski Club committed to two service projects per year.  In years past the club picked up trash around the marina's perimeter and installed and repaired several fences.  With this year's high-runoff, pulling logs out of the Provo River was a huge project.

Along with its commitment to two service projects per year, the Utah Water Ski Club is the first participant in Utah Lake's Adopt-A-Park program.  "The club has gone above and beyond in helping to keep Utah Lake and the marina clean," said Ty Hunter, Utah Lake's park manager for the last three years.  "The Adopt-A-Park program is designed to help keep the lake and facilities attractive and safe with the ultimate goal to encourage people to enjoy the benefits of the lake."  The Adopt-A-Park program is an on-going relationship between county parks and individuals or volunteers from organizations, schools, youth groups, and businesses.

Ranger Hunter explained that the several tons of debris pulled from Utah Lake during the club's spring service project is considered "green waste" and will be chipped into mulch by Provo City's Public Works Department for use around the city.

Working from to , club members performed a total of 96 people hours cleaning up the marina.  "The Adopt-A-Park service project was a great success," said Scot Chipman, club president.  "It will benefit all users of Utah Lake, including the 60 Utah Water Ski Club members."
Luckily no one squished a toe or got blisters on their hands, so after a few slices of pizza and re-hydrating with sodas, club members hit the lake and went skiing!
The next Utah Water Ski Club service project is scheduled for early September.  Check this web page in the next few months for the actual date and thanks for everyone's help!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Notes
April 6, 2006

-Wait list status. (18 out of 21 have paid or is said to be in the mail)
-What members did not renew for 2006? (Troy Campbell, Ken Johnson, and Tanya Nilson)
-How many new members should we let in this year? (Four)
-Should the club have an inactive member status list? (No)
-New dock parts that we need to buy for the new dock. (Ski Rack, ladder, carpet, dock box, light and sign)
-Course #1. (Finish setting in anchors)
-Course #3 work needed. (Make and install extensions)
-Old dock repairs needed for 2006. (Fix connection between the two pieces)
-Sell wake less buoys for how much? ($190)
-Assign course maintenance to specific person? (Paul Garske #1, Corey Laing #3)
-How much, if any, to pay club members to do work? (No pay, but will reimburse for gas)
-Current balance. (Will be around $2,000 once we pay for the dock)
-Go over club budget. (File can be found on
Web Site/News:
-Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes tab and move old board meeting minutes to archive. (Done, except all 2006 club news will be moved to archive in 2007)
-Add next board meeting date to board member page - July 11th (Done)
-Set Adopt-a-park clean-up day in May. 13th or 20th. (Set for 13th)
-Annual club activity in conjunction with the Adopt-a-park clean up day in September? (Yes)
-Refund amount? ($25)
-Who wants to be President next year? (Any takers?)
-Set next board meeting date in July. (11th)

Monday, February 6, 2006

Annual Club Meeting Minutes

2006 Utah Water Ski Club Annual Meeting (Check out the photos at the end)
February 6, 2006
Welcome (Scot Chipman)
- Thanks to Josh Greenband for the conference room, and Kelly Brewer for arranging the food.
- Thanks to the 2005 board for all of their hard work.
- 2005 Sunten tournament participants: Keith Morgan, Paul Garske, Vickie Smoot, Kelly Brewer, Matt Chipman, Corey Laing, Tanya Nilson, Mike Nelson, Dana Adams, John Adams, Bryan Weeks, Scot Chipman, Josh Greenband, and Ray Gunn.
Finances  (Kelly Brewer)
- Income and expense for 2005. To see the 2005 income and expense file go to
Membership  (Vickie Smoot)
- Currently 58 members with 22 on the waiting list.
- Minimum of three new members each year from the wait list.
- Membership renewal deadline is April 1st. Membership dues for 2006 will be $125. Please send dues, proof of ACTIVE USA Water ski membership, and signed 2006 application to the VP of Membership
- Waiting list dues of $20 are due on April 1st.
- If your e-mail address, home address, phone numbers change go to (ID: uwsc2002, password: email Scot Chipman for the password) Once in click on addresses, find your name, click edit next to your name and update your information. When you are finished with your update click on save then sign out, also please notify the VP of Membership so the changes can be made on the clubs hard copy.
Equipment (Keith Morgan)
- New Dock in 2006.
- Slalom course locations for 2006. #1 and #3 See
- Giving BTS Timers away to members who want them.
- Club has an air chair and portable slalom course for club use, contact VP of Equipment to reserve.
- USA Water ski sign in sheet must be signed each day you ski the clubs course. Sign in sheet is in the white binder located in the lock box.

Web Site/News (Mont Buckles)
- Annual service project in May, this will be the only way to get your refund for 2006.
- The UWSC is holding three tournaments at Sunten this year. ($750)

- UWSC members ski for free in all six 2006 Sunten tournaments, includes one free practice set on the Friday before the tournament.
- Discounts for UWSC members. Go to for more information
- Club sponsored yahoo group open to anyone interested in water skiing. You can post messages, events, pictures, file, and more.

New 2006 Board
- President   Scot Chipman
- VP Membership   Hank Cobb
- VP Treasury  Kelly Brewer
- VP Web Site/News   Chip Smith
- VP Equipment   Keith Morgan
- Equipment Manager 1  Paul Garske
- Equipment Manager 2   Corey Laing

Misc. (Scot Chipman)
- Open discussion
- Attend Boat Show