Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Annual Meeting/Activity

The annual Utah Water Ski Club meeting/activity will be held Thursday February 9th at 6pm in room 200C at the South Towne Expo Center in conjunction with the Utah Boat show. All members including family members are invited to attend and will be given free entrance into the boat show (12 and under are FREE), a light meal will be served starting at 6pm. If you would like to go into the boat show before the meeting go to the information desk/will call, they will have the club member list to verify your membership with a photo ID. If you have not done so email and let the board know if you plan to attend or not, if you do plan to attend let the board know how many in your family will be eating so the board can plan the food. You can also RSVP on the club's Facebook page as long as you make note of how many will be eating.

To help the club save time and mailing costs please renew ($125) your membership before the annual meeting so that you can receive you club membership card (card good for discounts) and club sticker for you boat. All of the information on how to renew is posted at The club strongly encourages everyone to renew with the Venmo app (preferred since there are ZERO fees) or PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account) and then just email a scanned copy or picture from your phone of the renew application agreement to If you have been in the club 20+ years AND are 60+ years old (verify first with VP of Membership) you can renew as a emeritous member for $25.

A reminder that Utah Water Ski Club members are required to be USA Water Ski supporting ($35) or active ($80) members. If you are going to ski in any USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments in 2017 including the Utah State Championships August 19th at Calls Fort which is free for club members and family members you will need to be a active USA Water Ski member for insurance reasons. To renew your USA Water Ski membership go to

Great news, if the wet winter weather continues we will be back skiing course #3 this year!, In 2004 the lake levels were very close to the 2016 levels which hit -7.00 both years in the fall, by the summer of 2005 the lake level was -1.00. This years snow pack numbers are currently on track with the 2005 numbers, lets hope the wet weather continues.

The club is always looking for volunteers to serve on the clubs board, board members do not pay dues. The club board only meets four times a year, usually only twice in person with the others by email. If you would like to serve on the club board in 2017 email who would like to step down in 2018.

happy Skiing!

UWSC Board

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Board Meeting

- Send out renewal reminders to the members/wait list, encourage to pay electronically. Garn is on it.
- Order membership cards, order member boat stickers. Scot will do.

Government Affairs:
- Work on getting club access to the launch ramp on the south jetty at Utah Lake State park that launches into Provo river during the dredging project. Hank is working on it.
- New course on Deer Creek. Hank and Paul are still looking into it.
- Should we add a new course location to the "Permission to Place Device on Utah Boating Water" permit and "Right of Entry" permit by Pelican Bay? Yes.
-Still looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year. Possibly Jane Stewart.

- Move course #4b six buoys to the east and install extension. Might not happen since the water will likely be too deep.
- Install new course by Pelican Bay. Garrett Smith will help, others?
- Place second club dock back on course #3. Will do when the water is above -3.00, hopefully by June 1st.
- What equipment do we need for 2017? 12 orange turns balls, 10 red gates. 6 green bullets, 6 dock bungee cords.

- Current balance through December 31st. $14,390.67

Web Site/News:
- Utah Lake State Park will dredge the harbor March-July. Good news, bad news, with limited if any access to the harbor.
- Talk about forecasted lake levels this year. Great news, thinking we are above -3.00 by June 1st which means we can ski course #3 into at least August!
- Set up annual meeting room. Scot will do.
- Order food for the annual meeting. Scot will do.
- HO presenting at the annual meeting.
- Establish a 2017 board. Who wants off? Who wants to be president in 2018? Scott Peterson is stepping down, Garrett Smith has volunteered. No one has volunteered to be President for 2018.
- Make handouts for the annual meeting. Scot will do.
- Set next board meeting in April. April 11th, 7pm at Scot's house in Lehi.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Board Meeting

- How many wait list members? 50

Government Affairs:
- Looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year.
- New course on Deer Creek?

- Move course #4b six buoys to the east and install extension. Tim and others will do in 2017

- Current balance through September 30th. $16,645.97

Web Site/News:
- Utah Lake State Park is scheduled to be dredged this winter.
- Work on permission to place device on Utah boating waters permit from State Park, work on right of entry permits from Foresty, Fire, & State Lands. Scot is working on
- Pay Directors & Officers liability insurance, pay club liability insurance, pay USA water ski club membership. Scot is working on
- Renew club domain name and pay for web site hosting. Scot is working on

- Set next board meeting in January. January 24th

Monday, September 12, 2016

September News

- The semi-annual (third Saturday in May/Sept) service project/activity will be held this Saturday the 17th at the main state park at the south end of Deer Creek, yes DEER CREEK. With the very low water Utah Lake State park is basically closed plus the club is working towards a possible slalom course on Deer Creek so helping them out may go a long way in that effort. We will be starting at 10:30 am doing some trail work ending by noon, may also be picking up trash if needed. Bring work gloves and a shovel/pick if you have one, ask at the gate where to go for the Utah Water Ski Club service project. The club will provide drinks and a snack of some kind. A reminder that it is required that all club members attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service projects every year, would love to see all members at both service projects. The club realizes that not everyone can make the service projects, in those cases you can go down to Utah Lake State Park on your own and ask what you can do for one hour. If you go down on your own fill out page four of the volunteer sheet than scan/take a picture and email it to

So far this year the club has the below 24 people as having attended the Spring service project or gone down on their own so we are planning on a good turnout.
Dana Adams
Greg Anderson
Rick Anderson
Garn Arnold
Vic Blanton
Mont Buckles
Brad Caldwell
Matt Chipman
Scot Chipman
Hank Cobb
Wayne Douglas
Scott Ellerbeck
Paul Garske
Paul Hillyard
Tom Larsen
John Lohner
Tom Mitchell
Tim Peterson
Scott Peterson
Scott Rees
Mel Smith
Vickie Smoot
Olga Sorensen
Jane Stewart

- Course #4b (see below picture) is now too shallow to ski. The club is going to move course #4b 4-6 buoys to the east for future use which puts it in the absolute deepest spot in that area and in slightly better water conditions. Once course #4b is moved we will abandon course #4a/4b and just use the new course which will be called course #4. Tim Peterson is desperately looking for 6-7 people who can help move course #4b on Sunday the 18th which will be a all day project, will count towards your service project. If you can help Tim on Sunday give him a call/text or email at (801) 652-0089

Hoping for a BIG winter!

Monday, August 1, 2016

August News

I'm sure most of you heard about the toxic blue/green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak on Utah Lake that closed it completely down from July 15th-28th, if not you should really read about it at and For a time lapse video from the Utah Water Ski Club cam of when it entered Utah Lake State Park on July 12th check out Link to a KSL article about it Scot/Matt Chipman and Paul Garske witnessed the outbreak firsthand on July 12th and were the ones who notified the State Park which then notified the division of water quality. Looking back it was really only bad between July 12th-14th, was much improved by July 15th when Keith Morgan and John Lohner skied just before they closed the lake down. John Lohner, Keith, Morgan, and Scot Chipman went to the lake today (August 1st) and there was absolutely no sign of any algae, not even the typical green algae that is common this time of year. To be clear the outbreak on July 12th was NOT just the normal green algae you typically see on Utah Lake by mid/late summer but the toxic blue/green type (cyanobacteria) which smells and looks like nothing you have ever smelled and seen before on Utah Lake.

The lake level is down to -6.00 but course #4b is still about four feet deep on the east end and three feet on the west end. By the third week in August the club plans to move course #4b to the east so the entire course will be in the deepest spot (currently four feet deep) and will be skiable until the lake drops to -7.00 if you can get there which is a big IF due to shallow water in the harbor. If you are careful you can use the middle ramp and middle dock on the north side of the harbor and idle out staying about 40' away from the north dike, best to put people in the front of the boat to keep the prop higher. The end of the middle ramp on the north side is marked, be very careful not to back your trailer off of the end of the ramp with is around a 12"+ drop. Best guess is that you MAY be able to get out of the harbor if you are VERY careful until the water drops to -6.40. Once out of the harbor head towards the valley between Mt Nebo and West Mountain (where I-15 runs) and watch the depth gauge, when the depth starts to get deeper that is the time to take a hard left into the entrance of Provo Bay. Once headed towards the entrance into Provo Bay try to line the dock and a distant white/silver roof up until you can see the course then line up with it. If you do this you will be fine until the water drops below -7.00, assuming you can find a way onto the lake. For the current water level go to

Best of luck to those that still try and go out. For the latest information about any algae outbreak and possible closures on Utah Lake go to

Thursday, July 7, 2016

July News

If you want to ski for free in the GOODE Utah State Championships at Sunten on July 16th go to and click on "Enter" at the top left. Go through the entire entry process up until payment then you can stop. In order to ski for free you must enter on-line before the end of the day on Friday July 8th. 

This is a great event with medals for all age groups provided by GOODE.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

June News

Go to to see the open times for the free ski day this coming Saturday June 25th at Still Water Lake Estates, boats (Malibu Response with Zero Off) will be provided by Scott Ellerbeck and Paul Garske. Lunch provided for all club members and family members from 12-1. Please email no later than the 23rd with the one time you would like to ski per membership and how many will be eating lunch. We hope to get everyone a second set as well depending on the interest.

DO NOT use course #4a anymore, it is too shallow! See the attached file to the directions to course #4b which is still 4-6' deep, also attached the locations of #4a/b and #3. When you leave the harbor head towards Mt Nebo, when course #4b and the dock line up take a hard left which puts you right in the middle of the channel where course #4b is located. You will not be able to see the course initially but look for the dock and a distant white/silver roof to line up then adjust when you can see the course. If you go north or south of course #4b by more than 100' feet you will be in shallow water so be very careful, you are completely fine if you say in course #4b area.

Please welcome our two new 2016 members Ed Henderson and Heather Burchett. With the very low water this year there was not as much interest as usual so we did not offer a third new member like usual. It is only a matter of time (2018?) before the club is thriving again on Utah Lake and we are back skiing course #3/#1.