Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Board Meeting

- How many members dropped out? Seven.
- How many new members are we letting in? Seven.
- How many wait list members? About 30.

Government Affairs:
- Quail Creek course permit is from October 1st through May 1st. Casey Humphrey's is working on getting the permit extended for year around.
- Look into getting permission to remove phragmities in course #1. Rob Davidson will contact the state invasive species specialist.

- Install all new buoys on course #3. Nate Allen will work on.
- Fix sunshade frame on course #4 dock. Rick Anderson will work on.
- Treat dock #4 wood. Garn Arnold and Scott Hinkley plan to do on April 20th.
- Fix bumper on course #4 dock. Rick Anderson will work on.
- Re-anchor course #4 dock. Nate Allen will work on.
- Reminder to GPS in the dock anchor and course locations and save on Google sheets.
- What do we need to order for 2019? 5/16" blue ProFlex rope.

- Balance as of April 16th. $16,140.16.
- Income and expense sheets are now on Google sheets.

Web Site/News:
- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project on May 18th. Rob Davidson is work on it with Utah Lake State Park, will be trimming trees/bushes.
- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project food. Paul Hillyard will work on, BBQ.
- Password for the club Google, Venmo, and PayPal accounts have been changed.

- Update club web page with board member responsibilities. Scot is working on.
- Set next board meeting in August. August 20th.

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