Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Board Meeing

- Who dropped out? Joe Congdon, Wade Hollbrook, Scott Reese, and Mike Zufelt. How many are we letting in? Three
- Wait list bid status? Lewis Barton, Ben Thomson, and Scott Hinkley are bidding so far.
- Should we give wait list members keys? Yes to those that ask for one.

Government Affairs:
- Go over new club permit from Forestry, Fire, & State Lands. Status of new permit? Hank is working on it.
- Division of water quality is looking for a steering committee member. Garrett Smith will go.
-Still looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith. Garrett Smith will take over for Mel.

- Install course #3. May do on the Adopt-a-Park day.
- Place second club dock back in the lake and take to course #3. May do on the Adopt-a-Park day.
- Install new course by Pelican Bay? Yes if the new permit allows.
- What additional equipment do we need for 2017? Nothing.
- Make YouTube video of how to replace buoys. Yes, Tim will work on with Garrett.

- Current balance through March 31st. $17,254.02
- Should the club donate to save water skiing gofundme campaign by Jennifer Leachman Lapoint? www.gofundme.com/savewaterskiingnow No, need more details.

Web Site/News:
- Utah Lake State Park will dredge the harbor after Labor Day.
- Add Utah Paddle Board to the discount page. Scot will do.
- Malibu/HO demo days May 5th/6th.
- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project on May 20th. Rick Anderson will do the food, Paul Hilyard will plan with the State Park.
- Who wants to be president next year? Possibly Garn Arnold.

- Set next board meeting in August. August 22nd.

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