Sunday, June 19, 2016

June News

Go to to see the open times for the free ski day this coming Saturday June 25th at Still Water Lake Estates, boats (Malibu Response with Zero Off) will be provided by Scott Ellerbeck and Paul Garske. Lunch provided for all club members and family members from 12-1. Please email no later than the 23rd with the one time you would like to ski per membership and how many will be eating lunch. We hope to get everyone a second set as well depending on the interest.

DO NOT use course #4a anymore, it is too shallow! See the attached file to the directions to course #4b which is still 4-6' deep, also attached the locations of #4a/b and #3. When you leave the harbor head towards Mt Nebo, when course #4b and the dock line up take a hard left which puts you right in the middle of the channel where course #4b is located. You will not be able to see the course initially but look for the dock and a distant white/silver roof to line up then adjust when you can see the course. If you go north or south of course #4b by more than 100' feet you will be in shallow water so be very careful, you are completely fine if you say in course #4b area.

Please welcome our two new 2016 members Ed Henderson and Heather Burchett. With the very low water this year there was not as much interest as usual so we did not offer a third new member like usual. It is only a matter of time (2018?) before the club is thriving again on Utah Lake and we are back skiing course #3/#1.

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