Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Board Meeting

- How many wait list members? 49.
- Order member/wait list cards. Scot Will do. Color? Orange.
- Order club stickers. Scot will do.

Government Affairs:
- Looking for a club representative on the Utah Lake Commission Public Advisory Group to replace Mel Smith, group only meet a few times a year.
- New course on Deer Creek? Hank is working on it.
- Saratoga project. Hank is working on it.

- What equipment do we need to order this year? Tim is working on it.
- Install two missing anchors on course #4a/b.
- Move course #4a two buoys to the east, move course #4b four buoys to the east.

- Current balance through December 31st. $14,106.

Web Site/News:
- Reserve room for annual meeting? Scot will do.
- Order food for the annual meeting? Scot will do.
- Radar skis will be presenting at the annual meeting.
- Start getting 2016 permits from Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands and the State Park. Scot is working on them.
- Who wants to be on/off this board this year. Scott Peterson wants to be on the board, everyone else is willing to stay on if needed.

- Set next board meeting in April. April 5th.

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