Friday, September 12, 2014

September News - Adopt-a-Park Service Project

Course #4b has been set up in about five feet of water (thanks to Tim Peterson, John Lohner, Paul Garske, and Nate Allen), course #4a is still up but shallow. When going to course #4a/b stay about one mile from shore as you head south, watch your depth gauge slowly get shallower then when it starts to get deeper again take a hard left into the entrance to Provo Bay. Click on the below picture from 2004 when the water was near -6.50, it is around -4.50 now. If you still choose to ski course #4a it is very shallow on the west end so you will want to veer about 150' to the north as you go out the exit gates to drop. It is also shallow around the dock but if you use the northwest corner of the dock you should be fine.

The second and last Adopt-a-Park service project of the year is on September 20th from 10am-11am. There were only about 20 members who came out in the Spring so the club is expecting a big turn out. Reminder that club members are required to attend one of the two Adopt-a-Park service projects each year or go down on your own and spend one hour picking up trash. If you do go down on your own you must meet with the State Park and fill out the proper volunteer paperwork then notify the board, yes the club does keep record. In the Fall we just pick up trash for one hour with no lunch, in the Spring we work for two hours and have a club provided lunch. 

Happy fall skiing!

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