Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Board Meeting

- Any new wait list members? No
- Currently 51 wait list members.
- Member dues from Carolynn Dailey? Still outstanding!

Government Affairs:
- Continue to work on other course locations and improving existing locations. John and Scot working on.
- Talk to state about removing phragmites with a tractor in course #1. Scot will work on.
- Work on getting permission from the state for a wave attenuation system for course #3/4. Hank is working on. http://www.whisprwave.com/products/wave-attenuators  http://waveeater.com

- Install new course #2 in Provo Bay in 2015.
- Move course #4a two or four buoys to the east?
- Fix dock box on dock #2. Tim will do in the winter.
- Clean course #1 dock and pick-up areas.

- Current balance. $12,869.95

Web Site/News:

- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project/activity September 20th. 10am, Roquesanne will work with the State Park/Jason.
- Projected March 2015 water level near -3.5.
- Should board members pay if they don't show up to any board meetings. Yes.
- Set next board meeting in October. October 22nd at La Costa in American Fork.

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