Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Board Meeting

- Any new wait list members? No
- Currently 51 wait list members.
- Member dues from Carolynn Dailey? Still outstanding!

Government Affairs:
- Continue to work on other course locations and improving existing locations. John and Scot working on.
- Talk to state about removing phragmites with a tractor in course #1. Scot will work on.
- Work on getting permission from the state for a wave attenuation system for course #3/4. Hank is working on. http://www.whisprwave.com/products/wave-attenuators  http://waveeater.com

- Install new course #2 in Provo Bay in 2015.
- Move course #4a two or four buoys to the east?
- Fix dock box on dock #2. Tim will do in the winter.
- Clean course #1 dock and pick-up areas.

- Current balance. $12,869.95

Web Site/News:

- Plan Adopt-a-Park service project/activity September 20th. 10am, Roquesanne will work with the State Park/Jason.
- Projected March 2015 water level near -3.5.
- Should board members pay if they don't show up to any board meetings. Yes.
- Set next board meeting in October. October 22nd at La Costa in American Fork.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Utah State Championships

Another great year at the Utah State Championships which were held at Calls Fort. Congratulations to Utah Water Ski Club members Keith Morgan, John Lohner (not pictured) Mike/Tyler/Josh Nelson, John/Dana/Shaela/ Adams, Mark/Sienna Chilcutt, Matt Chipman and Tim Peterson. I know a few personal bests were achieved including 2 @ 38' for Tim!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ski for free in the Utah State Championships

UWSC Members,

All members (including family members) can ski for free in Utah State Championships Saturday August 23th at Calls Fort. If you want to ski in this event you must go to http://www.usawaterski.org/rankings/View-TournamentsHQ.asp?pvar=TourInfo&TourID=15W070&rg=1 print out the entry form, fill it out and send it to Mike Parsons by August 9th. On the entry form check the entry fee enclosed box and put UWSC. You need to be active USA Water Ski Member to enter. You MUST have this entry from in the mail by Saturday August 9th if you want the Utah Water Ski Club to pay for your entry!

This tournament is open to everyone even if you have never skied in a tournament before. If you can run long line or shorter and 15.5 mph or faster then you can enter the sanctioned division and get points towards a national ranking. Awards will be given out to first, second, and third place in all sanctioned divisions listed below so many people will get medals since only a few divisions have more than three people in them. This event is perfect for the family, Calls for has a pavilion with lots of shade, grass, sand volleyball, and restrooms with running water.

Boys & girls 1 - 9 and under
Boys & girls 2 - 10-13
Boys & girls 3 - 14-17
Men & Women 1 - 18-24
Men & Women 2 - 25-34
Men & Women 3 - 35-44
Men & Women 4 - 45-52
Men & Women 5 - 53-59
Men & Women 6 - 60-64
Men & Women 7 - 65-69
Men & Women 8 - 70-74
Men & Women 9 - 75-79
Men & Women 10 - 80-84
Men & Women 11 - 85+

For directions to Call Fort go to http://skicallsfort.com/SkiCallsFort/Location.html

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board