Thursday, April 3, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

- How many on the wait list? 60 but 11 have not paid and will be dropped.
- Matt Broten had hip surgery again and wont be skiing this year. Will let him pay $20 and stay a member this year.
- How many members dropped out? How many are we letting in? Three members (Jeff Hone, Paul Wake, Joshua Zufelt) are not renewing. Club will be letting three new members in.

Government Affairs:
- Continue to work on other course locations or improving existing locations. Scot/Hank continue to work on.

- Replace dock #1 with trex. Tim is working on.
- Install more bumpers on dock #2. John is working on.
- Install new course #2 in Provo Bay. Tim is working on.
- Move course #4a two or four buoys to the east? Tim is working on.
- Fix dock box on dock #2. Darin is working on.

- Current balance. $11,172.92.

Web Site/News:

- Adopt-a-Park service project/activity May 17th. Roquesanne is organizing the project and food, Scot will bring the drinks.
- Finalize 2014 Board. Thanks to Jane and Olga who are stepping down as equipment managers and to Darin Mercer who will be the new equipment manager.

- Set next board meeting date in August. Tuesday the 26th, 7pm.

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