Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes

-How many on the wait list? 59
-Should we allow members and wait listers to use PayPal for payment of dues? Yes
-Should we set hard deadline for membership renewals of March 31st. Yes

Government Affairs:
-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet status? Jane will work on getting state logo. Hank?
-Work on leasing the land for course #1. Scot will work on.
-Provo City and East Bay possible future slalom course. Scot and Tim are working on it. Hank?
-Reminder to monitor any new proposed state laws that effect the club. Jane will work on. Hank?

-Stain/treat both docks. Keith and Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-Install sigh board for permits on course #3. Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-Remove sunshade from course #3 and empty the dock box of all but a few buoys. Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-How did the 1/3 water filled turn buoys work out? Worked great, will water fill all in 2013.
-Reminder to use the maintenance checklist at http://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/club-rules-course-maintenance.html

-Current balance? $10,519.97
-Should treasurer work more closely with membership and share responsibilities? Yes

Web Site/News:

-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor’s to post on the web page. Scot and Tim will work on.
-Sending a e-mail to (Ask Scot) @blogger.com will automatically post to web page.
-Should the club continue to require active USA Water Ski memberships? No, members may just be supporting members if they wish.
-Start working on club permits which now expire on December 31st. Scot is working on.
-Set next board meeting date in January. January 22nd @ 7pm.

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