Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UWSC October News - Changes

UWSC Members,

As we wind down the year we wanted to make you aware of a few changes for next year.

-When you renew your USA Water Ski membership you now have the option of choosing ACTIVE membership for $80 or supporting member for $35. If you even think you will be skiing tournaments in 2013 please sign up as a ACTIVE membership which gives you these benefits The main benefit is secondary personal Injury Insurance of $10,000 when participating in USA Water Ski-sanctioned events. In the past we were able to sanction club practices but in order for us to do that in the future we have to have a rated driver pulling every member which is just not possible for most members. Starting in 2013 club practices will no longer be sanction so you will not have secondary insurance, you will still have insurance as a ACTIVE member when you ski in tournaments. The board feels that USA Water Ski is still worth supporting which is why we still require members to be at least a supporting member. Go to to learn about what USA Water Ski does with its money.

-Starting in 2013 you will be able to renew your club membership on-line or by e-mail and pay with PayPal. This is something the board is still working on but you can see what we have so far at Reminder that membership dues are due by March 31st or you will be dropped from the club! The club is going to be very strict with this March 31st deadline in the future which is only fair to the Membership VP. Having the membership VP and other board members continually calling and e-mailing a few late members every spring is a real pain and waste of time.

-The club does keep track of who participates in the clubs Adopt-a-Park service projects every year. A reminder that it is required that you attend one of the two projects every year or go down on your own, sign in with the state park, and ask what you can do. As of now the club is not kicking people out or charging fees for those that don't attend at least one of these two Adopt-a-Park service project but it is something that gets talked about and may need to be implemented in the future.

-For those of you still skiing course #3 is still very shallow but the water is finally coming back up. When skiing course #3 make sure the boat and the skier are always in-line with the course when you start. Typically we ski course #3 until the water drops to -3.00, go to to see the current lake level and make sure you look on calm days since wind causes wrong readings.

Happy Skiing!

UWSC Board

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes

-How many on the wait list? 59
-Should we allow members and wait listers to use PayPal for payment of dues? Yes
-Should we set hard deadline for membership renewals of March 31st. Yes

Government Affairs:
-Utah Water Ski Club pamphlet status? Jane will work on getting state logo. Hank?
-Work on leasing the land for course #1. Scot will work on.
-Provo City and East Bay possible future slalom course. Scot and Tim are working on it. Hank?
-Reminder to monitor any new proposed state laws that effect the club. Jane will work on. Hank?

-Stain/treat both docks. Keith and Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-Install sigh board for permits on course #3. Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-Remove sunshade from course #3 and empty the dock box of all but a few buoys. Tim will work on. Darin/Rob?
-How did the 1/3 water filled turn buoys work out? Worked great, will water fill all in 2013.
-Reminder to use the maintenance checklist at

-Current balance? $10,519.97
-Should treasurer work more closely with membership and share responsibilities? Yes

Web Site/News:

-Take pictures of dock and dock anchors anchor’s to post on the web page. Scot and Tim will work on.
-Sending a e-mail to (Ask Scot) will automatically post to web page.
-Should the club continue to require active USA Water Ski memberships? No, members may just be supporting members if they wish.
-Start working on club permits which now expire on December 31st. Scot is working on.
-Set next board meeting date in January. January 22nd @ 7pm.